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Join the Cancer Champions Team at Ottawa Race Weekend!

By Cancer Foundation on February 2 / 2017

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By joining our Cancer Champions team, YOU can help hundreds of local families access support through Cancer Coaching and find the tools and resources they need to help them manage the effects of cancer on their lives – physically and psychologically. Your support will also fund research and local clinical trials so that families can have better access to treatment options and give them more…


NEW! Program for Prostate Cancer Survivors

By Cancer Foundation on January 4 / 2017

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If so, you’ll be interested in knowing that the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation has partnered with TrueNTH Lifestyle Management to help men with prostate cancer move more, eat well, and feel better. Unique to Ottawa, the 12-week exercise program will be offered free of charge for…


A Lifelong Passion for Giving Back

By Christian McCuaig on January 4 / 2017

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She could be traveling throughout her community finding worthy causes to support on behalf of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, or creating her own endowment fund at the National Arts Centre. She may be looking after some of her responsibilities as a Professor Emeritus at Carleton University, or even visiting the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, where she has been a supporter and generous donor for years. And as she turns 80 years young today, Dr. Marwah only has intentions of doing more, noting that her involvement in her community…

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Cancer Survivors and the New Year

By Stephanie Woodard on December 21 / 2016

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Grief and the Holidays

By Bonney Elliott on December 21 / 2016

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The holidays can be a challenging time when you have lost someone close to you from cancer. There are so many reminders of their absence. Cancer…


Join me as a Cancer Champion

By Cancer Foundation on December 7 / 2016

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Dr. Hartley Stern – Chair, Cancer Champions Campaign I, too, have…


Celebrating 5 Years of Cancer Coaching Success

By Cancer Foundation on December 7 / 2016

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Its mission: improve the lives of those affected by cancer and focus on what matters most to patients, families and caregivers. In the last five years, we’ve worked to improve the lives of people affected by cancer now, helping close to 3000 families through Cancer Coaching. “I’ve seen Cancer Coaching evolve from an idea to a well-established program where we use a client-centered process to…


Cancer Survivors Overcome Brain Fog

By Cancer Foundation on December 7 / 2016

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Now imagine that right now, at the busiest time of the year, your brain started to work differently than before. Imagine it didn’t feel as sharp. You have trouble concentrating on your tasks. You forget things: names, dates, words. You find it challenging to multi-task. How frightening would that be? How much harder would everyday life become? It’s called brain fog, and it’s a common and debilitating challenge affecting people facing cancer. Several factors can affect brain function in cancer survivors: chemotherapy, stress, fatigue, hormone therapy, surgery, even the disease itself. Symptoms can impact all aspects of life from decision-making…


How One Family Reached Out for Help to Face Cancer Together

By Cancer Foundation on December 6 / 2016

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The Savoy family never expected a cancer diagnosis to become part of their lives, and to change everything so suddenly. But when Peter, a husband and father in the Ottawa community became ill, it had an equally devastating impact on his entire family. Here…

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Holiday Gifts That Give Back

By Sara Gill on November 25 / 2016

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If you’re looking for do-good gifts that say “I care”, you can champion the cause for cancer all while providing a great gift for your loved ones this holiday season. By choosing to purchase a gift below, you’re supporting local cancer through the Cancer Foundation so that families have the chance to create lasting memories this holiday season.   A Selfless…