Sweet and Sour Lemonaders

How Lemonade is Helping Cancer in Ottawa

By Sara Gill on April 7 / 2017

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Lemonade is a great drink to have on a hot summer day and for the past four years, has been sold to raise money for local cancer care. It…

Nasser WP

NEW! Coping with Cancer, now offered in French

By Cancer Foundation on April 6 / 2017

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Cancer Coach Nasser Yassine The first session…

Elderly sick woman resting in bed

How do you beat cancer when you aren’t the one who was diagnosed?

By Cancer Foundation on April 3 / 2017

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Caregivers are instrumental in the fight against cancer – they offer practical and emotional support to their loved one who is facing cancer. But a caregiver’s work can become deeply entwined with their life and family, and they often find they are in need of different supports too. So…

Portrait of retiree and African American nurse


By Linda Eagen on April 2 / 2017

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Over the last 20 years, phenomenal medical advances in cancer prevention, screening, early diagnosis and multi-intervention treatment regimens, have relegated several types of cancer to the realm of a chronic disease (like diabetes, arthritis and COPD). Today, more people are living longer with cancer.…

Tournoi cheque 480

Cancer Coaching Goes East

By Cancer Foundation on March 31 / 2017

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from left: Josée Quenneville of the Cancer Foundation, brothers Serge and Luc Lavictoire, and Cancer Coach Mélina Ladouceur Thanks in part to the…

Dr Vanderhyden

International Women’s Day Highlight on Ovarian Cancer Researcher and Exciting Breakthrough

By Shannon Bain on March 8 / 2017

[ Cancer, Clinical Trials, Research ]

Cancer Champions @ Work: Dr. Barbara Vanderhyden/Ovarian Cancer Researcher Dr. Barbara Vanderhyden has dedicated her career to unlocking the mysteries of ovarian cancer – and developing new ways to treat the deadly disease.  And this week, the cancer champion is celebrating an exciting breakthrough in her research. “We have had some really exciting data emerge over the last week involving our investigation into cancer immunotherapies for ovarian cancer,” explains Dr. Vanderhyden, the Corinne Boyer Chair in Ovarian Cancer Research.  “We just completed a small preclinical trial and it is showing that the immunotherapy we designed is working very well.  It’s a pilot study – but the results are very, very exciting – so we are moving forward right away.” Right…

Dr Weberpal

Cancer Champion and Clinical Investigator: Dr Johanne Weberpals

By Shannon Bain on March 7 / 2017

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Dr. Johanne Weberpals is looking at cancer research through a whole new lens these days. After her father was diagnosed and treated for cancer, she says she learned a lot from the first-hand account he gave about the treatments he received and the impacts those treatments had on his day-to-day life. “I think…

After the Bell

After the Bell returns ahead of International Women’s Day

By Cancer Foundation on March 2 / 2017

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Thanks to the amazing participants, donors, and sponsors of last year’s Bust a Move, presented by Morguard and St Laurent, the popular retreat After the Bell is back, just ahead of International Women’s Day. The upcoming complimentary…

Nancy & Luke 2

Coping with Cancer Closer to Home

By Catherine Boivin on March 2 / 2017

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Nancy and her husband Luke at Andrew Haydon Park Nancy is fighting…


Meet our Nutrition Coach – Emily Fitzgerald

By Cancer Foundation on March 1 / 2017

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March is Nutrition Month and marks a little over our one-year anniversary offering a range of nutritional services called Grounded. Emily Fitzgerald helped develop these programs, alongside Shannon Bain, the VP of Marketing, in November of 2015. Emily is a Registered Dietitian and the Nutrition…