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Let’s show we K2 Care!

By Catherine Boivin on October 5 / 2017

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Guests at the K2Care Campaign Launch listened intently as Mark Cooke told his story, explaining that a single doctor’s appointment in Ottawa could…

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Putting our affairs in order: lessons learned

By Cancer Foundation on September 7 / 2017

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As Cancer Coaches, what matters to YOU matters to us. And many of you have expressed that what matters to you is getting your affairs in…

Allison McBrine

She’s Saving Lives, One Step at a Time

By Cancer Foundation on June 28 / 2017

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EPIC WALK Ambassador Allison McBrine shares why she believes the event’s impact will extend far beyond its final year. [Photo: Rachel Gallipeau] Each…

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A Breakfast of True Champions

By Linda Eagen on May 11 / 2017

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Photo: Leadership Committee members, Table Captains, Speakers and Sponsors gather together at the Cancer Champions Breakfast. Photographed by…


My cancer treatment is done – but, am I ready to return to work?

By Cancer Foundation on May 5 / 2017

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It’s a question our Cancer Coaching team often hears from cancer survivors:  when is the right time to return to work after medical…


Meet our Nutrition Coach – Emily Fitzgerald

By Cancer Foundation on March 1 / 2017

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March is Nutrition Month and marks a little over our one-year anniversary offering a range of nutritional services called Grounded. Emily Fitzgerald helped develop…


How One Family Reached Out for Help to Face Cancer Together

By Cancer Foundation on December 6 / 2016

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The Savoy family never expected a cancer diagnosis to become part of their lives, and to change everything so suddenly. But when Peter, a husband…


Love Baking?

By Catherine Boivin on October 28 / 2016

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Volunteer Bakers Bob, Amy, Rosemary, Paul, and Leo. It’s simple: you bake cookies in late November, drop them off at the Foundation,…


A Lasting Way to Give

By Christian McCuaig on October 7 / 2016

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Donors who leave gifts through their estate to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation have a tremendous impact on local cancer care and give…


A Legacy of Hope

By Cancer Foundation on September 12 / 2016

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Drew Lyall and his family at Arthur’s Seat in Scotland Drew Lyall found strength and comfort in knowing his gift would help others. The news was…