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2009 Urban Design Award

City of Ottawa Honours Cancer Survivor Park: Award of Merit – Urban Elements

Located at the junction of Alta Vista Drive, Riverside Drive and Industrial Avenue, the Cancer Survivors Park is a beacon for those making their way to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. Positive messages are conveyed through stationary plaques mounted on stone cairns that frame a large circular walkway. Trees are planted at the edges of the space, tempering the climate by buffering winds and providing shade. Public art, of seven flowers, six metres high, rise out from behind the entry wall. As well, a tall stainless steel sculpture called ‘Shine’ welcomes motorists as they approach from the east. The sculpture ‘Cancer, there is Hope’ animates the park’s Riverside entrance.

The gentle grades quiet the roadways and provide a sense of privacy. Residents are invited through the park on their way to the local transit station.

Urban Design Park Award

Some of the jury comments:

“The Cancer Survivors Park incorporates many interesting elements and public art pieces that celebrate our cultural aspects. The project defines a crossroads in the community that can be experienced by car, is diverse, and employs good workmanship. The design and execution of the Park involves great skill and care in detail; a lot of experience went in to designing this park.”

Project Team

Steve Sunderland, Corush Sunderland Wright Limited; Chuck Merovitz, Committee Chair, Cancer Survivors Park; Vangie Rich, R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation; Kathleen Grimes, Site Preparation Ltd.; Linda Eagan, Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.

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