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Granting & Funding Applications

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is the voice for cancer survivorship in Eastern Ontario. We are the only local charitable organization dedicated exclusively to cancer, and we raise the most dollars for cancer care and research in this community.

The Cancer Foundation is focused on the most important issues in the field of cancer and we direct the highest possible amount of money to where it will have the greatest impact for the people in our region. Working in partnership with members of the community, the Cancer Foundation is working to fill the gaps in services for cancer patients and have partnered with local cancer organizations and hospitals to ensure the needs of local cancer patients and their families are being addressed.

The Cancer Foundation is dedicated to increasing cancer survivorship in our community. To help meet the needs of cancer patients and their families, funds donated to the Cancer Foundation will be allocated to improve services for cancer patients in the following key areas:

  • Shorter wait times for treatment
  • Access to research and new therapies
  • Improved quality of life
  • Care close to home

The key areas noted above are recognized as priorities by the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, Cancer Care Ontario, the Champlain District Regional Cancer Program and cancer patients and cancer care leaders in our community.

For a complete description of these strategic priorities please click here.

To ensure that our funds are most effective in the fight against cancer we will continually assess our funding strategy and strategic priorities to ensure the needs of cancer patients in our region are being addressed.

For more information about the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation's Granting Process please contact us here.

Granting App Form

For more information regarding granting applications please contact:  Chantale Hendley @ 613.247.3527 or

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