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Hartley Stern Oncology Fund

History of the Fund

Under the leadership of Dr. Hartley S. Stern, the Champlain Regional Cancer Program created, and has matured into, one of the country’s leading cancer programs. In recognition of his vision and initiative, the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, with the help of Dr. Stern’s friends, colleagues and family, have established the Hartley Stern Oncology Fund.

The Hartley Stern Oncology Fund was originally established through donations in honour of Dr. Hartley Stern former VP, Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre and Regional Cancer Program and is sustained through the annual NAC partnered event.

Purpose of the Fund

The Hartley Stern Oncology Fund will facilitate continued education for family physicians from across the Champlain LHIN. It serves to support those who wish to better serve their local patients by developing their knowledge of oncology and treatment of cancer.

Up to $500 per applicant per year will be awarded to compensate for lost revenue and/or registration fees in order to attend seminars, conferences, and complete specialized training in oncology.

Scholarship Procedure:

Eligibility Criteria, candidates must:

  • Be employed as family physicians  within the Champlain LHIN
  • Demonstrate commitment to cancer survivorship
  • Prove successful completion of the course

Notification of approval will be provided to successful applicants in writing.

Application Procedures:

The committee will review applications and issue a call for applicants as required based on the seminars, conferences and specialized training available in the region.

Applications must be made to Chantale Hendley, Governance and Accountability Officer at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and should include:

  1. Completed application form (see box below)
  2. One page essay demonstrating the benefits of the bursary to the applicant and the Regional Cancer Program.
  3. Proof of enrollment or registration (required prior to the Cancer Foundation issuing a cheque for the scholarship)

Apply Now

For more information regarding the Hartley Stern Oncology Fund please contact:  Chantale Hendley @ 613.247.3527 or


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