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Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation History

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation was formed in 1995 by a grassroots movement to raise funds for the expansion of Cancer Services at the Regional Cancer Centre and to ensure cancer care remained a priority in our community year-round.

For more than a decade the Cancer Foundation has worked in partnership with local hospitals, supportive care groups, researchers and cancer care specialists to make this vision a reality.

Since 1995 the Cancer Foundation has raised more than $20 million for cancer care in our community. Funds raised remain in Eastern Ontario and are used for: early detection and expert diagnosis, comprehensive cancer care and treatment, leading edge cancer research and clinical trials and cancer awareness and education programs.

In December 2005 the Cancer Foundation officially launched its capital expansion program entitled the "Courage Campaign." The $20 million Courage Campaign will fund the private-sector portion of the $100 million plus multi-faceted cancer care and research expansion project. The Courage Campaign will essentially double the Regional Cancer Program's capacity to serve the 1.2 million residents of Eastern Ontario.

The project will help with the expansion and creation of new treatment facilities at the Ottawa Hospital's General Campus and the Queensway Carleton Hospital. It will also double the physical space available for research and clinical trials — accelerating the progression of new life-saving therapies from 'lab-bench to beside.

In 2008, the Cancer Foundation opened the region's first Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Survivor's Park. The public park offers cancer survivors and their families a place of inspiration, reflection and motivation. The park is located on 4.5 acres of green space at the corner of Alta Vista Dr., Industrial Ave., and Riverside Dr.

September 2009 marked a new era for the Cancer Foundation as we adopted a new logo and brand. The Cancer Foundation renewed its commitment to cancer care in Eastern Ontario and to be the voice for cancer survivorship in our community. Our tagline: Leadership. Partnership. Survivorship further proves this philosophy. We offer leadership recognizing the needs of cancer patients and cancer care specialists, and work to fill those needs. We work in partnership with the community for fundraising, awareness, research and education. And our overall goal is to help increase cancer survivorship in our community.

In January 2010, the Cancer Foundation was granted $1.7 million in Infrastructure Funding for the construction of Eastern Ontario's FIRST Centre for Cancer Survivorship.  The Federal Government's portion of the funding is part of the national Infrastructure Stimulus Fund, under Canada’s Economic Action Plan.  Ontario’s matching contribution is provided through the 2009 Ontario Budget – Confronting the Challenge: Building Our Economic Future.

In May 2010, the Cancer Foundation successfully launched the second phase of the Courage Campaign - with a goal to collectively raise $50 million for cancer care in Eastern Ontario.  At the launch, Maplesoft Group of Companies made the announcement that they were making a significant contribution to the project - with a $1.8 million investment to the Cancer Foundation, and renaming the facility - MAPLESOFT Centre.

In September 2010, the Cancer Foundation began pilot programming that is now being offered at the MAPLESOFT Centre which opened its doors in November 2011.  Cancer Survivorship Care is offered as a series of programs and workshops to assist the patient, and those closest to them, through every step of the cancer journey from pre-diagnosis, through the process of diagnosis and treatment, to post-treatment recovery.

Cancer Survivorship Care programming is offered free of charge and without a medical referral.  Certified cancer care professionals  offer tailored individual and group services at the new MAPLESOFT Centre. 

Through affiliations with various organizations such as the Lance Armstrong Foundation and others, the Cancer Foundation is bringing world renowned programs to our region including cancer coaching. Through partnerships with local health care institutions, community groups and with the expertise of wellness practitioners, we are developing additional innovative services.   

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