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A Message From The President

This year marks an amazing turning point for the Ottawa Regional Cancer FoundationLinda Eagen

The Cancer Foundation has grown from its roots as a fundraising organization, to what we are today – one of the largest fundraisers for cancer care in Eastern Ontario and a provider of Cancer Survivorship Care services with the opening of the Maplesoft Centre.

I am proud to tell you that the Maplesoft Centre is quickly becoming a hub for Cancer Coaching and Survivorship Care. Just 11 weeks after officially opening the doors we already had more than 600 members actively taking part in the programs and workshops. We have more than 30 programs running at the Maplesoft Centre. This project, and our ability to invest in cutting-edge cancer research and help to improve regional cancer services, is made possible through the tremendous support from our donors and volunteers.

We have an amazing group of community volunteers assembled for the Courage Campaign. Under the leadership of Fred Seller and Peter Charbonneau, this group of dedicated individuals is working to raise the remaining $5 million of the $50 million Courage Campaign. In 2011, Don Smith and Steven Baker joined forces to raise the $2 million to run the Cancer Survivorship Care programs at the Maplesoft Centre for the first two years. These funds enable local residents to access the services free of charge.

I am honoured to work alongside these individuals, and the entire team at the Cancer Foundation. We are dedicated to ensuring cancer care remains a focus year-round.

We believe that survivorship happens one victory at a time.  Together we are helping make the next victory happen.


President Signature - Linda Eagen

Linda Eagen
President & CEO
Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

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