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Clinical Trials Breakfast

Cancer Foundation Breakfast supporting

Life-saving new Therapies Raises $309,050

Ottawa, ON – April 15, 2010 – The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation raised important funding this morning for clinical trials programs in our community.  More than 120 people - including local oncologists, researchers and nurses – gathered at the Hampton Inn and Conference Centre for a fundraising breakfast raising $309,050 in support of local clinical trials programs.

“The Cancer Foundation has made it a top priority to fund innovative research and new therapies,” remarked Linda Eagen, Cancer Foundation President & CEO.  “By supporting local clinical trials we are helping to ensure that local residents have access to top quality treatments and therapies close to their homes.”

Currently in our community one in 10 new cancer patients will have the opportunity to participate in a clinical trial- and health professionals would like to see that number increased. These vital research studies in humans continue to be one of the fastest and safest ways for oncologists to provide better treatment options to their cancer patients and bring researchers closer to finding a cure for cancer.

“As a community, it is imperative that we support clinical cancer research. By doing so, we will be able to attract and recruit the best and brightest oncologists and researchers, expand our cancer services and most importantly, provide world class cancer care to patients in our community,” said Dr. Glen Goss, Head Division of Medical Oncology and Chair, Clinical Research Executive at TOHCC.

Last year the Cancer Foundation received a special, urgent request from local oncologists and researchers.  They were at risk of closing down some clinical trials due to funding cut-backs, which means people in Ottawa—people we care about—would have lost access to the most innovative cancer treatment options. The Cancer Foundation responded by holding a breakfast and raising $150,000. Of the 95 cancer clinical trials currently on-going in our community, the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is directly helping fund 63 of them, helping the researchers and doctors provide life-saving treatments to hundreds of patients.

You can watch the cancer clinical trials video by visiting: OttawaCancer Youtube Channel


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