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With the arrival of summer, we wanted to remind you that the current schedule for the Health and Wellness programs is closing on Monday, June 30th.

Please note: Cancer Coaching will be available by appointment throughout the summer.

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is proud to have had the opportunity to pilot the Health and Wellness programs for close to three years. These programs include fitness, yoga, nutrition, and healing therapies such as Reiki.

Over the summer months we are designing a new Fall program schedule. We will be emailing program information to our clients and will be providing a link to a user-friendly online platform for registration. This platform is being designed in consultation with some of our clients.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Cancer Foundation at 613.247.3527.

We hope you have a wonderful summer!



The Cancer Foundation invests millions of dollars each year in cancer research, equipment and patient care – and now we are addressing the emotional, physical, social, practical, spiritual, informational and psychological needs of cancer survivors and their families with the opening of the region’s FIRST centre for cancer survivorship.

The Centre is focusing on Cancer Coaching. In addition to one-on-one coaching there is also a series of programs and workshops to assist the patient, and those closest to them, through every step of the cancer journey from pre-diagnosis, through the process of diagnosis and treatment, to post-treatment recovery.

Cancer Coaching is offered free of charge and without a medical referral.  Certified cancer care professionals and volunteers offer tailored individual and group services at the Centre.   

Through affiliations with organizations such as Health Coaching Australia, the Lance Armstrong Foundation and others, the Cancer Foundation is bringing world renowned programs to our region. Through partnerships with local health care institutions, community groups and with the expertise of wellness practitioners, we are developing additional innovative services.   

Cancer Coaching  is offered in three different approaches: One-to-One Care; Self-Care and Supportive Care.


One-to-One Care:

The first point of contact for survivors is with a professional navigator. This ensures personal attention is given to each individual.  Navigators help survivors identify their needs and interests and facilitate access to appropriate resources.  These may be offered through Maplesoft Centre; through one of our partners: The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, Bruyère Continuing Care, CHEO, and the Royal Ottawa Hospital or other groups including the Canadian Cancer Society, Breast Cancer Action, the Prostate Cancer Association, the Colorectal Cancer Association, Look Good Feel Better, Candlelighters.   
The coach helps each individual establish quality of life objectives, identify barriers and challenges and develop an action plan best suited to their situation. The role of the coach is to help empower survivors;
- Massage and energy therapy services such as reiki, healing touch, reflexology and others are offered. Access to a Snoezlen relaxation therapy room and infrared sauna is also available.



Self-care empowers survivors to take control of their own health.  Programs cover a wide range of topics including coping with a cancer diagnosis; improving nutrition and fitness and cognitive skills development.  

Self-care programs are offered in a variety of time frames: programs vary from 6 weeks to 6 months.
Self-Care programs are led by cancer care professionals with groups varying in size from 12 to 20 participants. Survivors are welcome to participate with a member of their family / caregiver.  Beyond the educational experience survivors are able to practice new skills as well as benefit from sharing with others. 




Supportive Care:

Cancer can be terrifying, isolating and exhausting, not just for the patient, but for spouses, the family and their loved ones. We open the doors to the Maplesoft Centre to regional groups that organize a variety of peer-facilitated support groups. 

We have also launched or will soon launch professionally led support groups for populations that are not currently served: Bereaved families, Caregivers, Children whose parents have cancer, Lesbian and Gay survivors, Metastatic patients, Young adult survivors.  We are working on peer support groups for special needs such as transportation and child care. Clubs, more informally structured and volunteer led, will be encouraged: reading, knitting, horticulture, Japanese tea service, comedy and many more.






Cancer Connections Presentations:

How to lessen side-effects of treatment.

How to manage pain.

How to reduce fatigue, nausea.

How to improve quality of sleep.

How to manage depression

Communicating with your health care team.

Naturopathic perspectives.

New research horizons.

The biology of cancer.




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