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Campaign Launch

"I have the Courage" /  "Courage Campaign Co-Chairs Peter Charbonneau and Fred Seller



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For Immediate Release
OTTAWA, ON – May 18, 2010
- The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation today announced a $1.8 million donation to the 2010 Courage Campaign. The significant donation was made by MAPLESOFT GROUP as more than 200 volunteers, donors and supporters gathered at the Hampton Inn and Conference Centre for the official launch of the next phase of the Cancer Foundation’s Courage Campaign.

“MAPLESOFT GROUP is proud to align itself with the work the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is doing in our community,” explains Jody Campeau, President and CEO of MAPLESOFT GROUP. “The Cancer Foundation has made it a top priority to improve the lives of local residents by ensuring they have access to the best possible care close to home, access to new therapies, shorter wait times and overall improved quality of life – and that is important to our management team and our employees.”
The 2010 Courage Campaign is led by Peter Charbonneau, General Partner of Skypoint Capital Corporation and Fred Seller, partner of Brazeau Seller LLP. They have gathered a team of dedicated volunteers that will help raise $50 million for cancer priorities in our community.

“As a cancer survivor I know first-hand the importance of investing in cancer research projects right here in our own community,” says Peter Charbonneau. “By supporting our local scientists and researchers we are giving local patients the opportunity to access to the very latest treatments and new therapies.”

Fred Seller continued: “Today’s important donation by MAPLESOFT GROUP is one of the largest investments in cancer care our community has ever seen. They are a shining example of how businesses can make an important impact in the battle against this disease. Their investment is going to directly impact thousands of local cancer patients and their families.”

With today’s announcement, the Courage Campaign has raised $29.3 million for cancer projects and priorities in our community. This is an extension of the first phase of the Courage Campaign which raised $20.5 million in 2008, including supporting the construction of the new Irving Greenberg Family Cancer Centre and funding $5 million for the Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre, 25% of the private sector goal for that facility. The $50 million total will fund gaps in the cancer care system by providing close to home care, shortening wait times for diagnosis and treatment, fund cancer research and innovative therapies and improve the quality of life of cancer patients and caregivers.






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