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Donating a gift of securities to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is both simple and tax effective. Recent changes in the Federal budget have eliminated income tax on the capital gains of a donation of publicly traded securities. Gifts eligible for this preferred tax treatment can be funded with any one of the following securities:

  • Prescribed bonds
  • Units of mutual funds
  • Shares, warrants and bills that are listed on the stock exchanges prescribed by Revenue Canada


Sell Stock + Donate
Donate Stock
Fair market value of securities
and amount of charitable receipt
$5,000 $5,000
Adjusted cost base $1,000 $1,000
Capital gain realized $4,000 $4,000
Taxable capital gain $2,000 (50% of gain) $0
Value of tax receipt for gift (46% of $5,000)* $2,300 $2,300
Tax due on gain $920 (46% x $2,000) $0
Tax savings by making gift $1,780 $2,700

* For simplicity, we have assumed a combined Federal and Provincial tax savings and income tax rate of 46%.

Please consult your own professional advisor for information specifically related to your circumstances and to confirm tax benefits.

Transaction Details

You will need to advise your broker/advisor with the following information:

  • The transfer of securities will be made to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation
  • The transfer is to be made in negotiable form
  • The transfer should be made to TD Waterhouse, Private Investment Counsel

Gifts of securities form

Please print the PDF Gifts of Securities form and fax it to Mark Lalonde or Rebecca Tam with the information listed below.

Mark Lalonde
Tel: 613.782.1230

Fax: 613.782.1261

Rebecca Tam
Tel: 613.782.1194
Fax: 613.782.1261

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation recognizes the potential volatility in daily market prices and the need to act quickly and efficiently in representing the interests in both our donors and the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. The value of the gift and the resulting tax receipt will be determined by the value of the securities at the close of trading on the date received.

For further information or details of gifting to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, please contact:

Josée Quenneville
Manager, Principal Gifts 
613.247.3527 ext. 264

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