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Charitable Remainder Trust

The Charitable Remainder Trust is one of the most efficient estate planning tools available. It’s an effective tool for those wishing to make a donation – and are holding assets that have experienced significant appreciation. Some examples include:  stocks and real estate.  A Charitable Remainder Trust is an effective way to provide you with an income for life, but also know that after your lifetime, the items held in trust will be utilized by the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation to help residents in our community as they battle cancer.

A gift of a Charitable Remainder Trust is deferred, which means that proceeds from a commitment made today will be realized by the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation in the future. You and/or other beneficiaries you name in the trust - will receive a regular income from the trustee for the life of the trust or a set term of years as determined by the agreement. When the trust is terminated, the trustee pays out the remaining assets in the trust to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.

Benefits of a Charitable Remainder Trust:
  • Allows you to make a guaranteed gift to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation that will not only make an impact today, but in the future as well;
  • Allows you the security of receiving an income for life;
  • Provides you with the knowledge that your wishes are carried out exactly as specified;
  • Ensures that your gift is not subject to probate, estate taxes or possible challenges to your will or estate;
  • Provides you with immediate tax benefits;
  • Gives you the knowledge that you are making a major contribution to helping to increase cancer survivorship in our community.
How does a Charitable Remainder Trust work:
  • You establish a trust and make an irrevocable transfer of ownership of money or assets to the trust.  These assets could include stocks or real estate.
  • You, or someone you select is designated the income beneficiary.  That person receives the income generated by the trust during your lifetime or for a predetermined period of time.
  • The donated capital remains in the trust and cannot be touched.
  • You receive a tax receipt for the present value of the capital sum the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation will receive when the trust is terminated.
  • Establishing a Charitable Remainder Trust requires the professional services of a lawyer and possibly an accountant or a trust company.

If you’d like to find about more about how the Cancer Foundation is making a local impact for cancer research and patient care please click read Our Mission.

If you are interested in setting up a Charitable Remainder Trust, or receiving more information about the program please contact:

Marianne Loken
Director of Development
613.247.3527 ext. 263

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