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In Memory

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Today, more and more people are donating money in memory of a friend or a loved one. Your In Memoriam donation to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation will go a long way towards helping cancer patients. Your thoughtful generosity will support patient care, education and research in Ottawa and the region.

There are several ways of making an In Memoriam donation to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation:

Cancer Foundation In Memoriam cards are displayed in funeral homes in Ottawa and the region. If at the time of your visit you do not see them in the funeral home, please ask the funeral director. Simply fill out the information card and return with your donation in the self-addressed postage-paid envelope. You may want to leave the card portion with the bereaved family.

If you choose we can advise the bereaved family of your generous donation with a personalized message. We do not specify the amount of your donation, but we do provide your name and address.
Make an In Memoriam Donation in these ways
  1. Donate online by visiting our Donate Now section
  2. Donate by phone by calling us at 613-247-3527 (from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm EST) using your credit card.
    (Visa, MasterCard or American Express).
  3. By Mail to:
    Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation
    1500 Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa - ON  K1G 3Y9
    Please enclose the following information:
    • name and address of the bereaved family
    • your name, address and phone number
    • name of the deceased
    • Cheque or money order (made payable to the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation) or credit card


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