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Cancer Foundation Telethon

Cancer Foundation Telethon

WEBSITE COMING SOON!  To make a donation in support of the Telethon, please call 613-247-3527.

Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation Telethon of Hope


The 2013 Cancer Foundation Telethon will be broadcast live on CTV Morning Live on November 7, 2013. There will be some great features about the Cancer Foundaiton's work in our community, from fitness and nutrition demonstations to advances in cancer therapies and research.

There will also be features on Cancer Coaching programs, and some inspiring stories of those battling the illness.

Funds generated through The Cancer Foundation Telethon benefit a number of key projects that impact wait times, care close to home, access to the latest new therapies and research and overall improved quality of life.

To date the Cancer Foundation Telethon has recognized more than $15 million of investments made by businesses, community groups and organizations through fundraising events or donations.

Thank you for supporting the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and making the next victory over cancer happen.


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