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Important Information:

Cancer Foundation Mourns the Loss of a Champion for Local Cancer Care

It is with great sadness that we wanted to share with you that we lost a very good friend today. Arnie Vered passed away this morning, July 4th, with his family at his bedside.

Arnie was a respected local business leader, a tireless community volunteer and most importantly a proud husband and father.  As you may know, last year Arnie was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and while pursuing treatments, started to share his story and experiences with a few friends. As more people asked to be included, his kids even helped him blog The Chronicles of Arnia.

Through his regular posts and emails he shared with his family, friends and the community the difficulties of his treatments, he made us smile with his humour and touched many of us with his compassion and humanity.  

This year, Arnie joined the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation’s Champions of Local Cancer Care leadership team and shared both written and video testimonials.  The testimonials were his way of connecting with others facing the disease.  The videos were posted online and were played at this year’s Cancer Foundation fundraising Breakfast in May.

We are also very proud to say that earlier this week, the Cancer Foundation presented its highest honour to Arnie: The Rabbi Reuven P. Bulka Award. This prestigious award was created “in celebration of the man whose inspiring leadership and unselfish dedication to this community has so significantly improved the lives of cancer patients and their families”, and although it refers to the wonderful Rabbi Bulka, those words could apply equally to Arnie’s role in being one of this community’s greatest Cancer Champions.

Arnie’s message to those facing cancer – ‘you are all Cancer Champions.’  That is an expression that many of us have now adopted. First, Arnie hoped that everyone battling cancer can be surrounded by a championship team: family members, friends, and health-care professionals like our Cancer Coaches. And to quote Arnie: “Survivor applies to one result. Champion applies to both results... It provides a lot of respect to people doing battle to know that they will always be recognized as a Champion, no matter what the result is.”

Indeed, Arnie is, without a doubt, a true Champion.  We will miss him dearly and we are grateful to have been able to call Arnie a friend.  According to his family's wishes, one of the options for a memorial gift is with the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.  To make a donation, please click here.

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