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<h3 class="headerBanner">Richard &amp; Annette Bloch<br />Cancer Survivors Park</h3>
<p>Located in Ottawa, this is a public park offering green space for reflection, motivation and so much more.</p><h3 class="headerBanner">Who We Are</h3>
<p>The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation supports cancer care and research to prevent, detect, diagnose and cure cancer.</p><h1 class="headerBanner">Donate Now</h1>
<p>Help support the Cancer Foundation's quest to increase cancer survivorship by making a donation today!</p><h2 class="header 2"><strong class="headerBanner">Cancer Survivorship Centre</strong></h2>
<h3 class="hdrStyle2">Centre MAPLESOFT Centre&nbsp;&bull; 1500 chemin Alta Vista Drive, Ottawa</h3><h1>Courage Campaign</h1>
<p><span>The Courage Campaign is our community's leading cancer fundraising team &mdash; working to raise $50 million for research, equipment and patient care.</span></p>


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What's New

Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Medical Foundation recognized for support of Cancer Foundation

On Wednesday, August 20th the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation recognized the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Medical Foundation’s commitment to cancer research by hosting a dedication ceremony in the Richard & Annette Bloch Cancer Survivors Park.


"It is truly inspiring when groups like yours come together to help others." - Linda Eagen, Cancer Foundation President & CEO.

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa is incredibly proud to support our local scientists, and has pledged $100,000 to the Cancer Foundation in support of local cancer research.  Those funds are being directed to the ground-breaking cancer research taking place in Dr. Korneluk’s lab at CHEO.  The research combines two experimental cancer treatments — viral therapy, which was pioneered at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, as well as IAP (inhibitor of apoptosis protein)-based therapies that target cancer genes, which were discovered at CHEO 19 years ago.

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