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Dr John Bell receives Order of Ottawa

It is difficult to find someone who has not been affected by cancer. Right here in Ottawa, however, Dr. John Bell is hard at work conducting groundbreaking research and advancing new effective cancer treatments – challenging and changing how we have traditionally thought about cancer and cancer treatment. Dr. Bell, celebrated in his field as one of the world’s leading cancer researchers, is a pioneer in the development of oncolytic viruses which specifically infect and kill cancer cells without harming healthy tissue.

Dr. Bell’s research first brought him to Ottawa in the early 1980’s. Today Dr. Bell heads up the prestigious Canadian Oncolytic Virus Consortium along with his many responsibilities at the University of Ottawa, and The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Center and Research Institute.

The new treatments being developed from Dr. Bell’s research are directly benefitting our community by giving cancer patients in our region access to the latest clinical trials and innovations in cancer care. He is also attracting and training the next generation of Canada’s top medical researchers. These up and coming, locally-trained researchers who share Dr. Bell’s determination to find new treatments that give hope to cancer patients will, no doubt, also make significant contributions to the field and our community in the years to come.

The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is proud of Dr. Bell's latest recognition and will continue to invest in his cutting edge research which is driven by his passionate desire to improve the lives of individuals living with cancer.

Support Dr. Bell’s exciting research by clicking the “Donate Now” button and making a gift towards Clinical Trials and Research! Your donation could give previous extra time for loved ones to spend together. Please make a donation today!

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