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Amanda Brown letter

When I heard about the event (througRay Novak, Amanda Brown, Ralph Shawh Sen.Vern White) I decided right then and there. I sold my boyfriend on the idea and 2 days later, I started running specifically so I could participate.  My dad was actually diagnosed with prostate cancer 2 months ago and I felt, as I am sure most participants do, that this would be a great way to contribute, and turn all those feelings and energy into something positive and good. And that, it was. The feeling of running in a group of hundreds of people with the same intent and goal, gave me chills. I've never felt anything like it; I'm completely hooked. (Talk about a runner's high!)
I couldn't be happier knowing that this event takes place every year and that it is such a huge success. It makes me happy for Ottawa, and all those dads, brothers and sons benefitting from it. 
Thank you for all your efforts and for being involved in the planning of such a wonderful event. 
'Til next year!
Warmest regards,

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