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Survivorship care reception - Cyberknife update

The Cancer Foundation is very proud of the contribution they have made to help bring the $3.5 million CyberKnife technology to Ottawa - one of only three in all of Canada. Patients in our community are getting some of the very best care available because this technology is at the Ottawa Hospital. Over 500 patients have been treated with the CyberKnife since it began operation. The superb imaging techniques of this technology has heralded an age of very sophisticated radiation not previously available. The CyberKnife allows for higher doses of radiation in a much safer treatment environment which has translated into better survival in the case of most cancers. 

Dr. Malone spoke for about 15 minutes on the impact of the technology in terms of improving survivorship, decreasing recovery time and decreasing the chances of recurrence. The continous imaging of tumours means there are better margins and also allows for a wider range of treatable tumours that were previously not candidates for high dose radiation. These include tumours in the lungs, liver and kidney. 

Dr. Sinclair arrived straight from the operating room still sporting his hospital scrubs. He shared two cases he had been working on in the last 24 hours where the CyberKnife was not only useful but essential. One case involved a brain tumour that was partially in a vein. In the past, surgery would have been the only option, but with the CyberKnife the tumour could be treated without the invasiveness of surgery and the subsequent recovery time. Dr. Sincalir also shared that results using the CyberKnife with early lung cancer were astounding. What used to be a 6 to 7-week treatment window with a 20% chance of survival has become a a 3-treatment window with an 80 to 90% cure rate using CyberKnife technology.


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