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Your dollars at work

This robotic-assisted surgery offers many benefits to patients including a painless experience with no complications and a quick return to their normal way of life. The da Vinci Surgical System initially was used mostly for urology patients; however, it is being used more and more for gynecological, cardiac and general surgeries. The system contributes significantly to a better outcome by facilitating:

  •  decrease in blood loss
  • decrease in post-operative pain and trauma
  • smaller incision
  • shorter hospital stays
  • faster recoveries, and
  • fewer complications, such as infection.

How it works

The da Vinci surgical system acts much like an assistant helping the surgeon access hard to reach areas of the body with fine precision and fewer complications.

Just like any computer, the surgeon is in charge and tells the da Vinci what to do from a console in the operating room. The surgical system has a far greater range of motion and dexterity than human wrists and hands and converts the surgeon’s movements into micro-movements.

The procedure is carried out using tiny instruments attached to the ends of the special arms. Because of their size and difficulty to sterilize, they need to be replaced after each surgery.

The Cancer Foundation understands the gret benefit in providing our health-care professionals with tools and expertise to help our family and friends battle cancer, including the da Vinci Surgical System

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