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Winchester's ripple effect

For several years the Cancer Foundation has given money to the Winchester District Memorial Hospital (WDMH) which has been used to purchase a Digital Mammography Machine at a cost of $607,100. Last year 2,119 people received mammography exams at WDMH.

And now there is a “ripple effecting” happening at WDMH thanks, in part, to the support that the Cancer Foundation has provided.

WDMH has created a Breast Care Program. The Breast Care Program is committed to providing quality and timely assessment of breast abnormalities. This program was formed to ensure patients receive proper assessment, accurate information and prompt follow-up.

Most women needing more tests do not have breast cancer. For every 200 women who have a screening mammogram, 16 will need more tests and one will have breast cancer.

After a patient’s visit:

  • A radiologist will review the mammogram.
  • Within one week the patient may receive a call from a Breast Care Team Member explaining the need for further tests.
  • The patient’s family doctor will also receive the results of the tests.

What does this mean?

This program has improved the screening process and reduced wait times for test results significantly. This was only made possible because of your support to purchase a Digital Mammography Machine on the WDMH campus. On behald of the community. THANK YOU!


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