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Cancer patients and their caregivers have resources and support groups available throughout the community to help them cope with cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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Additional resources & websites

The Canadian Testicular Cancer Association

Check 'Em Awareness Brochure. Signs and Sympotoms, Who's At Risk, Self Examinationand more.

Healthier Eating and Living with Cancer

Karen Jung is the author

of Healthier Eating and Living with Cancer. Her recently published book has received numerous praises and positive reviews from prominent cancer and health organizations in Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Australia. For more information on Healthier Eating and Living with Cancer, click here or you may access the following articles:
Healthy Eating For Cancer Prevention
A High Fiber Diet For Cancer and Heart Disease Prevention
Antioxidents and Cancer Prevention
The Importance of a Proper Diet During Treatments
Healthy Eating Tips During Cancer Treatments

We understand that being diagnosed with cancer, especially a cancer as rare as mesothelioma, can be overwhelming. Find the information you need at The Mesothelioma Center.



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