About the Campaign

Every two hours, someone in our community is diagnosed with cancer. Help transform local cancer care.

Two decades ago, cancer was a very tough subject to talk about. In fact, most people were afraid to discuss it, and had a hard time coming to terms with the realities of the disease.

Today, we look at cancer in a whole new way. More and more people are surviving the disease, and are living longer.

Cancer no longer means the end, but the beginning of a different journey, and one that is centered on each person.

We know that as cancer evolves, so too does a patient’s needs – and the current healthcare model often leaves many of these needs unmet.

Over the next three years, the Cancer Champions Campaign will transform local cancer care to ensure that families in our community have access to the best, personalized cancer treatment and care – so that no one faces cancer alone.

The Cancer Champions Campaign focuses on three key priorities for Eastern Ontario:

  • Cancer Coaching: Helping cancer patients, family members and caregivers identify areas of concern and design strategies to overcome their fears and frustrations about cancer.
  • Clinical Trials: Ensuring that cancer patients have access to local clinical trials and to the latest treatment options here at home.
  • Research: Ensuring that scientists have the resources to bring their discoveries from bench to bedside, for the benefit of cancer patients.

Be a Cancer Champion! Help us reach our $20 Million goal: