Group Cancer Coaching


Group Cancer Coaching sessions are led by one of our Cancer Coaches. It is a chance to meet others who have similar needs and goals. These groups are designed to help you through different stages of your cancer.

The Group Cancer Coaching require a payment for participation. All funds support our Private Cancer Coaching sessions. By taking part in a Coaching Workshop, you are helping to provide Cancer Coaching to someone in our community.

The programs change throughout the year. A list of the programs available to you can be found below. Please note that these programs are demand-based and will run dependent on the registration of our clients.


Group coaching programs


The ‘ringing of the bell’ at the cancer centre marks the completion of active treatment, but the weeks and months after treatment ends can be an unexpectedly challenging time for cancer survivors. Here at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, we provide individual and group coaching throughout the cancer journey. Many of the cancer survivors we work with describe a drop in self-esteem, feelings of isolation, and difficulty with decision-making after treatment has ended. They often feel pressure to get back to “normal” life, while still coming to terms with the new normal of life after cancer. Plunging back into work and social relationships and responsibilities can feel overwhelming when you are still healing mind, body and spirit.

In order to address these needs the Cancer Foundation has developed a two-day retreat for women called After the Bell.  The retreat includes group coaching on coping with stress, time management, brain fog, coping with long term side effects, body image, sexuality, decision making, return to work, fear of the future, moving forward with meaning, reconciling relationships, nutrition, and the opportunity to explore Reiki, laughter yoga, art, dance, meditation, cancer prevention, skin care and more.

After the Bell is currently available for women who have completed their cancer treatment. If you would like to spend some time reconnecting with yourself, and connecting with others who have shared a similar experience, this retreat could be right for you.

The next offering is TBD.

Cost: $220

2-Day RetreatContact Us

Coping with cancer

A supportive coaching group, which provides individuals who are newly diagnosed, in treatment, or post-treatment with information, support and practical skills to help them cope with cancer. Being a part of a group provides the opportunity to be part of a community with others who are experiencing similar challenges. Weekly sessions may include information on:

  • Basic skills for coping with cancer (communication, finding information, decision making)
  • Defining wellness
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Nutrition
  • Stress management
  • Emotional coping
  • Finding hope and meaningfulness

Our next scheduled offering will be Wednesdays, March 22nd to May 3rd, 2017 from 1:30-3:30pm.

Also, we are planning to offer a FRENCH session, but it was cancelled due to low enrollment.

Cost: $155

7-Week ProgramContact Us


This professionally facilitated 6-week course will provide caregivers with an opportunity to take an active role in learning how best to take control of their own health during the stressful experience of caring for a loved one who has cancer. Participants will learn from experts as well as one another. Synergy between group participants can provide an opportunity to regain a sense of control and become a powerful healing modality. Formulation of plans to help caregivers deal with their challenges will be developed and supported by caregiver group session coach and other group participants.

Our planned Spring session was cancelled due to low enrollment.

Cost: $125

6-Week ProgramContact Us

Climb – School Age and Pre-teens

The parent(s) or guardian(s) must attend a preliminary orientation session for kids ages 6-15 prior to the beginning of the program.

This program was developed by the Children’s Treehouse Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to the emotional support of children who have parents or a loved one living with cancer. The CLIMB© program at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation offers group sessions during which conversation and art are used to help children ages 6-11 identify and appropriately express complex feelings. The aim is to build upon the child’s strengths and enhance his/her ability to cope with stress associated with the parent’s illness.  Some of the benefits of this program include:

  • An increase in the children’s knowledge about cancer and its treatment
  • Normalization of feelings of sadness
  • Children are better able to identify strengths and normalize anxiety
  • Children are better equipped to express and manage anger appropriately
  • Communications about feelings are improved
  • Communications with the parents or loved one who have cancer are improved

Overall, children learn that cancer is “not their fault”, that they are not alone and they are better equipped to express feelings and cope with change.

Our next planned offering will be Tuesdays, May 23rd to June 27th, 2017 from 6-7:30pm.

This program is currently offered at no cost to participants thanks to the generosity of supporters of the Lemonade Standemonium.

Cost: No cost


6-Week ProgramContact Us

CLIMB – Late teens and young adults

The CLIMB© Young adults program offers six weekly group sessions during which conversation and group activities are used to help young adults who are coping with a parent’s cancer to communicate and express complex feelings and get support. This period is often a time of change and transition for young adults ages 16 to 23 since many are finishing high school, attending college or university, or establishing their independence and work life. The aim of the program is to build upon their strengths and enhance their ability to cope with stress associated with the parent’s illness.
Some of the benefits of this program include:

  • An increase in the young adult’s knowledge about cancer and its treatment
  • A normalization of feelings and emotions they may be experiencing
  • Young adults will gain new tools to manage emotions, promote their wellbeing and improve self-care, and also know how to find balance in caregiving
  • They will be better able to identify their personal strengths and improve communication with their family and peers
  • Overall, young adults learn that they are not alone and they are better equipped to express feelings and cope with change, while also finding themselves in the world.
  • This program incorporates elements of the CLIMB program developed by the Children’s Treehouse Foundation, but the content and format has been modified to meet the needs of young adults coping with a parent’s cancer.

Our next planned offering is TBD.

This program is currently offered at no cost to participants thanks to the generosity of supporters of the Lemonade Standemonium.

Cost: No Cost


6-Week ProgramContact Us

Next Steps – Bereavement

The Next Steps program is a group for family members to explore their personal wellness goals after experiencing the loss of a loved one. It is a space for members to provide support to one another through the sharing of their experiences as well as a vehicle for learning about the grieving process.  We will spend a great deal of time learning skills focused on understanding our actions and thoughts and the potential barriers to fulfilling new wellness goals that we have for ourselves. This will also be an opportunity to learn about new ways of coping with our feelings of loss and sadness. Exploring how to shape our lives going forward, exploring our Next Steps together is the primary goal in this program.

Our next planned offering is TBD.

Cost: $125


8-Week ProgramContact Us

Work and Cancer Survivorship

Rethinking your work life following cancer treatment requires a complex interplay of elements. This program is designed to help clients better understand the topic of work and cancer survivorship; see how their situation fits into the overall picture and to explore options for moving forward. Topics include:

  • Trends and research about cancer survivorship and work
  • Legal issues about work and disability
  • Identifying and working with your team
  • Coping with post-treatment symptoms
  • The meaning of cancer and work
  • Learning from the journeys of others
  • Learning from your past accomplishments to create your future

Our next planned offering has been postponed and will now be Tuesdays, May 30th to July 18th, 2017 from 6-8pm.

Cost: $155


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