Board of Directors

Cory P. Ready, Chair

Investment Advisor, BMO Nesbitt Burns

Growing up with community-minded role models like his father, Dave Ready, and family friend Max Keeping, it’s no wonder Cory Ready has a penchant for giving to the community.

Seeing these two role models dedicating their lives to doing good in Ottawa, Cory was raised with the belief that giving to the community should be incumbent upon everyone, and this has always inspired him to look for ways to make a difference.

As a result of his own life being touched by cancer – his mother is a breast cancer survivor – Cory has been inspired to help families like his own. After hearing about the Cancer Foundation’s approach to cancer care – treating the whole person and not just the disease – Cory believed this innovative approach to survivorship was something he could whole-heartedly support, and so he joined the Cancer Foundation’s Board of Directors in 2011.

With a diverse background in strategy consulting and finance, Cory has spent much of his career in financial management and advising organizations on strategic direction. As the Cancer Foundation is an entrepreneurial organization, Cory’s skills are invaluable when evaluating and looking at new opportunities.

During his time on the Board of Directors, Cory hopes to help the Cancer Foundation achieve its entrepreneurial goals and to raise awareness about the services available in Eastern Ontario. He also hopes to ensure that survivorship care continues to be accessible to every person living with cancer in our community.

In his spare time, Cory enjoys travelling, playing tennis, skiing and spending time outdoors.

Gregory Sanders, Past-Chair

Head of Tax Group, Perley-Roberton, Hill & McDougall LLP

Having lost both of his parents to cancer, Gregory Sanders knows first-hand the importance of having the best cancer care, support and treatments available close to home.

Since 2008, Gregory has been volunteering with the Cancer Foundation as a way to ensure that cancer remains a priority year-round in our community.

In 2008, Gregory first began offering up his expertise in tax law to help others in the community give back through gift planning. In 2010, he joined the Board of Directors and, since then, has taken on challenge after challenge, including chairing the Cancer Champions Breakfast for the past four years and, more recently, taking on the role of Chair of the Cancer Foundation Board of Directors in 2015.

With a background in tax law, Gregory brings a wealth of knowledge to the Board of Directors in the areas of tax and estate planning, CRA guidelines, tax litigation, cross-border/international tax law, charity tax issues and how to deal effectively with changes to tax legislation. Along with his experience in tax law, Gregory is also a seasoned volunteer, having chaired boards of numerous local charities and events.

Gregory’s devotion to his family is what inspires him to be active in the community: to set a good example for his children and to make the community a better place to live.

An avid sports fan, Gregory enjoys attending various sporting events and skiing in his spare time. He also enjoys spending time with his kids, taking them to and from their own sporting activities.

Candace A. Enman, Treasurer

President, WelchGroup Consulting



Retired, Finance & Accounting

“Life is a process – all we have to do is live it and follow the process of life: sleep, wake, laugh, love, live. It’s as easy as that.” – Unknown author

Many years ago, Frances Mannarino lost her mother to cancer. Joining the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation’s Board of Directors in 2015, Frances felt that volunteering her time to help local families touched by cancer was a good way to honour her mother’s memory.

With her lifelong career in the banking industry, Frances deals with business owners and their businesses day to day, which helps her have a good understanding of financial stability of companies/organizations. It also allows her to get to know her clients and build relationships. These skills, combined with her history on other charitable boards, add the valuable skills of leadership and partnership to the Board of Directors.

During her time on the Cancer Foundation Board of Directors, Frances hopes to gain a better understanding of cancer, the research that’s being done locally, and the progress that has been made in finding a cure so that she can share this message with the community. She also hopes to put her strong financial background to use in fostering a sustainable future for the Cancer Foundation.

In her spare time, Frances loves to read, travel, walk, and go to the cottage.

Carl Marcotte Web Picture

CARL MARCOTTE, Second Vice-Chair

Vice President, Operations & Head of Defense Sector, Canadian Commercial Corporation  

Despite their own numerous daily challenges, many cancer survivors think about how to make their journey easy on others. Approaching a diagnosis with such altruistic behavior is a constant inspiration to Carl. Many of his friends have been diagnosed, and demonstrate impressive levels of courage and compassion in their journeys.

It was the diagnosis of his wife that led to a realization of how fractured the healthcare system is when it comes to cancer. Throughout this seven year battle with cancer, they found that as patients and caregivers, they were lost and confused with the information. After the passing of his wife, Carl was inspired to ”be the change you want to see” and decided to join the board of directors in 2016.

Working in international financing, Carl has developed a great perspective on fundraising, financing, and government structure. He considers himself lucky to have worked within the government and trained in governance in the non-profit sector.

With his background, he would like to bring his expertise on finance, raising capital and government regulations to help the Foundation become a more permanent part of the fabric of care and a force on a national stage that can guide other cities and provinces.

In his spare time, Carl joined the Canadian Forces Reserves as an Intelligence Officer where he served 6 years, and recently restored two World War 2 jeeps back to factory condition.

Alexandra Dagger, DIRECTOR

Chief Audit and Evaluation Executive, National Research Council


President, Complete Care Coordination

As a geriatric nurse, Dee Davidson has cared for many cancer patients at every stage – from the time they are diagnosed, right through to end-of-life – and has seen the suffering her clients and their families have endured throughout the cancer journey.

Dee joined the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation’s Board of Directors in 2013. A grandmother of thirteen, she aspires to give back in whatever way she can so that a cure for cancer will be found during their lifetime.

In addition to being driven by her concern for her grandchildren’s wellbeing, Dee is also continually inspired by many remarkable people around the world. One recent inspiration is Diana Nyad who, at the age of 64, was the first person confirmed to swim from Cuba to Florida. After seeing someone her own age accomplish such an incredible feat, Dee continues to be inspired to help in any way she can thanks to Nyad’s mantra – “Find a way”.

With forty years of experience in nursing, Dee brings an invaluable understanding of cancer from the patient’s perspective to the Board of Directors. As a business owner, Dee also recognizes the need for an extra layer of personalized health care through services like Cancer Coaching.

During her time on the Cancer Foundation Board of Directors, Dee hopes to increase awareness about Cancer Coaching, so that every oncologist and oncology nurse knows about this important service available to everyone affected by cancer in our community.

In her spare time, Dee loves to read and spend time with her family.


Retired, IT and Information Management

Every two hours, someone in our community hears the words “You have cancer.” As someone who personally received that diagnosis several years ago, Bob Doucet was inspired to join the Cancer Foundation’s Board of Directors in 2013 as a way of giving back and ensuring that local fundraising would continue to support local cancer initiatives.

In addition to life-saving cancer research and clinical trials being conducted in Eastern Ontario and the care provided at local hospitals, Bob also believes in the power of Cancer Coaching – a health and social care service developed by the Cancer Foundation. Available to anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer and at any time (before, during, and after treatment or at end of life), Bob is an advocate for Cancer Coaching: that it should be an essential service provided as  part of the standard of care for all those affected by cancer.

Having spent a successful career spanning finance, strategy, operations management and information technology, Bob is uniquely able to provide guidance to the Board of Directors in the areas of strategy development, technology, and operations management processes. During his time on the Board, Bob hopes to help guide the future direction of the Cancer Foundation, striking a balance between fundraising and providing Cancer Coaching to local families.

In his spare time, Bob is active in Ottawa’s music scene, playing lead guitar in two local rock bands as well as producing and providing backing vocals for local musicians. He also enjoys golfing, skiing and travelling.


Surgical Recovery Coordinator, The Ottawa Hospital

When faced with a problem, Patrick Dusabimana is the type of person who takes action right away and helps make a positive change as quickly as possible.

With a family connection to cancer paired with a desire to create change and give back to our community, the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation was a perfect fit for Patrick, who joined the Board of Directors in 2015.

Patrick’s broad background in health care adds incredible depth and expertise to the Board of Directors. After studying health sciences and molecular biology at the University of Ottawa and completing his Graduate Certificate in Health Service Management at McGill, Patrick went on to work with the federal government on the Canadian Health Measures Survey, followed by work in the pharmaceutical field. A member of the Canadian College of Health Leaders, Patrick currently works as a Surgical Recovery Coordinator in organ donation for the Trillium Gift of Life Network at The Ottawa Hospital.

During his time on the Cancer Foundation Board of Directors, Patrick hopes to do his part to help the Board of Directors accomplish each of the goals they set – so that over the next five to ten years, he can look back with pride on his contribution to the quality of cancer care available to cancer patients and their families.

In his spare time, Patrick loves to cycle, spend time with family and friends and to spend time helping youth whenever he has the opportunity.

Julia Knox, DIRECTOR

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Customer Experience, Giant Tiger



Counsel, Mann Lawyers

In our community, 6,000 new cancer cases are diagnosed each year – and another 30,000 people are undergoing treatment. Each and every day, cancer is touching the lives of more and more people in our community, including friends and family of Brian McIntomny.

Realizing the opportunity to give back to the community and to help local residents access the care and treatment they need, Brian became involved with the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation in 2006, in part because the Cancer Foundation relied on donated funds, as it received no government funding. Now one of our longest standing Board members, Brian is proud to contribute to an evolving organization that positively impacts so many in our community.

While much has been accomplished in the field of cancer, there is still much to achieve. During his time on the Board of Directors, Brian hopes to continue assisting the Cancer Foundation achieve its mandate of increasing cancer survivorship in Eastern Ontario.

With more than thirty years of experience in business law, Brian’s experience in the public and private sectors, not-for-profit entities, governance, risk management and corporate social responsibility adds an incredible depth of knowledge to the Cancer Foundation’s Board of Directors.

In his spare time, Brian enjoys travelling, spending time with his family, reading, outdoor sports and spending time at the cottage.


Senior Partner Manager, Kaspersky Labs

Twelve years ago, when his mother and wife were diagnosed with cancer in the same summer, Mark Thaw learned first-hand how a cancer diagnosis affects the whole family – and though both are doing well now, Mark continues to see cancer touching many of his friends and family.

Inspired by families like his own and the tremendous medical talent that we have here in Ottawa – from clinicians and researchers to the doctors and nurses working with cancer patients each and every day in our community – Mark is proud to serve on the Board of Directors for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, an organization that provides support to regional hospitals and helps to fund projects that advance cancer research and patient care in our community.

Having spent his entire career working in the technology sector, Mark’s background in IT sales and sales management experience allows him to connect with and help others. He has also been involved in community charity work since he was 12 years old and enjoys giving back at every opportunity in whatever way he can.

During his time on the Board, Mark hopes to do his part to help raise awareness about cancer, the services offered in our community, and the funds needed to maintain these services.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys spending time with his family and travelling – both of which continue to remind him how fortunate we are to be a part of such a safe and charitable community.

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