The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is dedicated to increasing cancer survivorship in Eastern Ontario. We support cancer care and research to prevent, detect, diagnose and cure cancer.

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Cancer Coaching

Cancer Coaching is a health and social care service, developed by the Cancer Foundation, for people in our community who have been touched by cancer.

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Cancer is a complex disease that scientists are still working to understand. Improvements in technology have allowed scientists here in Ottawa and around the globe to collaborate on their studies – and the results are exciting and inspire hope. Each and every day, thousands of lives are saved because of cancer research thanks to people like you.

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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials help save lives. They allow doctors the opportunity to test out new drug therapies and new methods of treatment that are less invasive and have fewer side effects.

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Cancer Champions Breakfast Raises a Record $1,063,799.18 for Local Cancer Care

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Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation Welcomes Michael Maidment as New President & CEO

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Resuming Reiki, at a Distance

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Helping the Whole Family through Coaching, CLIMB, and Lemonade!

By Cancer Foundation If you were to meet Ron Wulf today, you might not believe that he’s just been through surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy for an aggressive type…

Transforming the Way Doctors Treat Brain Cancer, Right Here in Ottawa

By Cancer Foundation A world-leading surgical technique is being used more and more often in Ottawa, thanks to consistent support from local donors.  Thanks to…

Learning To Strive And Thrive In A New Reality

By Cancer Foundation “To have Cancer Coaching available in my own backyard is invaluable. It’s helped round out my healthcare team. I’ll be forever grateful to the donors…

Cancer Coaching Location

Because Cancer Coaching is now offered at a number of locations across the Ottawa region, we ask that you tell us your preferred Cancer Coaching location before completing your registration. This will help us match you with a Coach.
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Our Cancer Coaches are here for you during the COVID-19 outbreak.


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