A Beacon in the Darkness

By Cancer Foundation on December 13 / 2018


When Denise was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, her first response was to laugh. But her laughter quickly turned to tears: “I never thought this would happen to me,” Denise admits. “Nothing can prepare you for a cancer diagnosis.”

Denise had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to fight the cancer. She credits her oncologist for saving her life and healing her body. But Denise needed something for her mind and spirit, too.

“I needed help to understand that I’d be okay,” Denise recalls. “My friends and family encouraged me to check out the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. My Cancer Coach was so understanding and level-headed. She gave me strategies to deal with my fear and reduce my stress.”

I would whole-heartedly recommend Cancer Coaching to anyone suffering from cancer. It saved my spirit. It was a beacon of hope.” ~ Denise

When the time came, Denise’s Cancer Coach also talked to her about returning to her job as the cafeteria supervisor at a local secondary school. In fact, Denise recently shared her story and spoke of her Cancer Coaching experience with the students.

“I told the kids that when you’re sick and don’t know what to do, there’s a place you can go with people who understand,” Denise says. “Students came up to me afterward to thank me. One boy told me his uncle had cancer and now he knows what to say to him.”

Today, Denise is back at work and is deeply grateful to supporters of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation for helping to make Cancer Coaching possible in our community. “There’s no better gift than to know your support is there helping someone like me. I was down in the dumps and didn’t know what to do. Cancer Coaching was a beacon in the darkness.”

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