Cancer Clinical Trials

Brain Cancer Research - $141,059.00

Here in Ottawa, donor support helps to open nearly 40 new cancer clinical trials each year – giving close to 2,000 patients access to these innovative treatment options. The Cancer Foundation has helped to fund more than 180 new treatments through radiation, chemotherapy, viruses, vaccines and quality of life clinical trials.

Right now, Dr. Ian Lorimer, a Senior Scientist with the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, is working on a trial for one of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer. His team is looking at novel therapeutics and trying to develop new delivery systems for getting drugs into the brain, where they can work more effectively. Currently, when someone is faced with a diagnosis of brain cancer they are also faced with very limited options for treatment. Dr. Lorimer and his team are hoping to change that. Their research, which is funded by Cancer Foundation donors, including those to South Ottawa Race Day, will hopefully lead to more options with the ultimate goal of taming or cure the disease.