Back in control with Cancer Coaching

Together, with your support and our team, we are changing the cancer experience for local families.

Perhaps you’ve seen first-hand just how much a cancer diagnosis affects the whole family and support network. If so, you know how valuable a guiding, supportive figure can be. Cancer Coaching is here to give that support.

Cancer survivors and their families will find in Cancer Coaching a health and social care service that gives them the opportunity to sit down with a trained health care professional. Together, they can design personalized strategies to overcome fears and frustrations about the disease.

Is Cancer Coaching right for you, or for someone you know? Let’s find out.


What is Cancer Coaching?

Cancer Coaching focuses on the whole person. It will focus on you, who you are, what matters most to you.  It provides you with education, support and practical skills development to help meet your physical, emotional, informational and spiritual needs.  Cancer Coaching will help you feel less alone, and can improve your quality of life and help you regain a sense of control over your health and wellbeing.

Cancer Coaching is available to anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer and at any time (before, during, and after treatment or at end of life).  Cancer Coaching is also available to any family member, loved one, caregiver, or friend of the person who has been diagnosed.  It is available privately or in a group setting.


The Role of a Cancer Coach

Every person who registers for our service is matched with a Cancer Coach.  The role of your Cancer Coach is to help you identify and work through your current difficulties, explore decisions that are right for you and support you in making choices that work for you, your cancer and your life.  The Coach can offer ideas and suggestions and help you choose your short and long-term goals so that you are on a path to making the decisions that are best suited for you.  You work together with your Cancer Coach to help manage your cancer experience and find ways to cope with the day to day challenges of living with cancer and beyond.


How Can Cancer Coaching Help You?
  • It can help you better understand your diagnosis and your treatment options
  • Help you cope with common side effects and other symptoms
  • Help you manage lifestyle changes
  • Connect you to resources in the community
  • Help you manage return to work issues
  • Provide you with emotional and spiritual support
  • Help you with practical concerns
  • Help you with post treatments transitions
  • Help you deal with bereavement and provide support to caregivers
  • Help you communicate with your family, children, or health care team


Learn More – Information Sessions Available

Everyone is welcome to find out more information about the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and Cancer Coaching by taking part in one of our weekly Information Sessions. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, find out if Cancer Coaching is right for you, and if so, prepare you for your first Coaching Conversation.  You will also receive a tour of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation’s Cancer Survivorship Centre.  Daytime and evening timeslots are available. To register for one of these sessions contact us at 613-247-3527,