Laboratory assistant putting test tubes into the holder, Close-up view focused on the tubes

New Clinical Trial First to Show Immunotherapy Efficacy in Colorectal Cancer

By Cancer Foundation on March 28 / 2019

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Canadian researchers recently studied the effects of immunotherapy on colorectal cancers that had become resistant to other standard treatments.…

Therapist holding hands above head of the patient to transfer energy

For Some, Reiki Makes All the Difference

By Cancer Foundation on March 4 / 2019

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A few years ago, Julie was taken by surprise with a sudden diagnosis of cervical cancer. Her situation forced her to begin radiation and chemotherapy…

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The Effects of Cancer on Sexual Health

By Cancer Foundation on February 11 / 2019

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For many patients, the impact of cancer on sexual health can last for years. Depending on the type of cancer a person is facing, the surgery,…


Loneliness: Another Forgotten Challenge of Cancer

By Cancer Foundation on January 30 / 2019

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Did you know that here in Canada, at least one in five people experience some degree of loneliness or social isolation? Loneliness can sometimes…

food guide

Canada’s New & Improved Food Guide: A Dietitian and Cancer Nutrition Coach Weighs In

By Emily Fitzgerald on January 24 / 2019

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There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Canada’s food guide this week, as a new and improved version was released on Tuesday featuring some pretty big…


Unraveling the Miracle

By Cancer Foundation on December 27 / 2018

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You’ve made Dr. Auer’s research possible by supporting local research through the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. Now patients with advanced…

« Le coaching en matière de cancer nous a beaucoup aidés, ma famille et moi, à réduire notre anxiété, à rester positifs et à profiter de cette dernière année et demie au cours de laquelle le cancer a fait partie de notre vie. Merci! » - Chris Moore

Living in the Moment: Chris’ Story

By Cancer Foundation on December 17 / 2018

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Photo: Chris with his two of his three sons. “I was shocked,” Chris says of the day he found out he had glioblastoma, a deadly…

Denise Issa

A Beacon in the Darkness

By Cancer Foundation on December 13 / 2018

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When Denise was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, her first response was to laugh. But her laughter quickly turned to tears: “I…


Giant Tiger Gives Giant Hope!

By Cancer Foundation on December 6 / 2018

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This holiday season, the Cancer Foundation was fortunate to have Giant Tiger by our side to help give hope and spread holiday cheer! As you…


Transforming the Cancer Experience in Her Hometown: Gabrielle’s Story

By Cancer Foundation on December 6 / 2018

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When Gabrielle Fecteau was diagnosed with cancer at age 19, her first thought was: “I can do this!” What she didn’t know was that just…