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Why Jordana Vered is Participating in the EPIC Walk for Cancer Care

By Cancer Foundation on July 4 / 2016

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My Dad was never going to be a cancer survivor. He was determined to be a Cancer Champion, a new term he introduced to the cancer lexicon.…

Christina’s Run for Cancer

By Cancer Foundation on June 7 / 2016

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When I reached the 2k mark, the downpour had completely stopped, and the unbearable heat once again enveloped all the runners and…

Sacrificing his braid in honour of his warrior brothers

By Catherine Boivin on May 27 / 2016

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“I find it very difficult to see so many people, family and friends go through this battle and not be able to fight with them.” –…

Breakfast Really Is the Most Important Meal of the Day

By Christian McCuaig on May 20 / 2016

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Left to right, top: Mayor Jim Watson, Dan Greenberg, Bruno Racine, Paul Valletta, Dr. Garth Nicholas. Left to right, bottom: Josée Bradley, Linda Eagen,…

Race Weekend Fitness Tips

By Stephanie Woodard on May 16 / 2016

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Here you are days away from the big weekend. You’ve made the decision to participate in this year’s event, registered for your race, trained to achieve…

“It’s all I can do to get out of bed every morning.”

By Catherine Boivin on April 28 / 2016

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On February 4th, 2016, Lynda Portelance went bald. It was World Cancer Day, and Lynda was on a mission: to raise awareness of…

Lemon Recipes

By Emily Fitzgerald, MScFN,RD on April 25 / 2016

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June 4th 2016 will be our 3rd Lemonade Standemonium! In light of this, here are some lemon recipes, courtesy of Emily Fitzgerald, MScFN, RD, Nutrition Coach…

Why Brenda Runs in Support of Ottawa Cancer

By Cancer Foundation on March 22 / 2016

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2011 started out as the perfect year; 49 years old, married to her wonderful husband, and just spent a month long vacation in…

Hockey Pool Funds Local Research for Prostate Cancer

By Cancer Foundation on February 25 / 2016

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In June of 2014, at 49 years old, Toni Guimaraes – father, local business owner, and dear friend to many – learned that he had advanced…

Remembering Max Keeping, Cancer Champion

By Linda Eagen on October 2 / 2015

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Today, I wish I had your way with words, dear friend. You were their master and at your command they reached out and grabbed our hearts.  And…