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Matching our Community’s Compassion

By Cancer Foundation on February 8 / 2018

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Having watched many of their loved ones confront difficult illnesses throughout their lives, Uttra and Subhas have been extremely active in supporting new ideas and promising…

Introducing the Cookes: a family of Cancer Champions

By Cancer Foundation on August 9 / 2017

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And that’s exactly what the Cooke family is doing. After a recent brain cancer diagnosis in their family, the Cookes got involved with the Ottawa…

She’s Saving Lives, One Step at a Time

By Cancer Foundation on June 28 / 2017

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EPIC WALK Ambassador Allison McBrine shares why she believes the event’s impact will extend far beyond its final year. [Photo: Rachel Gallipeau] Each…

How Lemonade is Helping Cancer in Ottawa

By Cancer Foundation on April 7 / 2017

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Lemonade is a great drink to have on a hot summer day and for the past four years, has been sold to raise money for local cancer care. It…

Getting Through Cancer “My Way”

By Cancer Foundation on August 18 / 2016

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Photo by Tanja Webster  Coining it as her “Cancer Adventure,” Sändi Webster has been down a winding road since she was first diagnosed with cancer in the…

Save the Date!

By Marianne Loken on July 28 / 2016

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Once again this September, the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is holding a special information session on estate planning entitled I Have…

Sacrificing his braid in honour of his warrior brothers

By Catherine Boivin on May 27 / 2016

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“I find it very difficult to see so many people, family and friends go through this battle and not be able to fight with them.” –…

Does Sugar Feed Cancer?

By Emily Fitzgerald, MScFN,RD on February 25 / 2016

[ Cancer, Families, Nutrition, Recipes ]

Does sugar feed cancer? This is one of the most common questions in the world of nutrition and oncology. The short answer to this question is no,…

Holiday Eats

By Emily Fitzgerald, MScFN,RD on December 15 / 2015

[ Families, Nutrition, Recipes ]

The holidays – the most wonderful (and difficult) time of the year! No matter how hard you may try, you will find yourself surrounded by sweets…

Power Foods for Families On-The-Go

By Patricia Jean-Vézina on September 8 / 2015

[ Families, Nutrition, Recipes ]

It’s that time of year again! With the end of summer comes the end of holidays and getaways – and a return to the hectic everyday schedule…