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Cancer Champion and Clinical Investigator: Dr Johanne Weberpals

By Cancer Foundation on March 7 / 2017

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Dr. Johanne Weberpals is looking at cancer research through a whole new lens these days. After her father was diagnosed and treated for cancer, she…

NEW! Program for Prostate Cancer Survivors

By Cancer Foundation on January 4 / 2017

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If so, you’ll be interested in knowing that the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation has partnered with TrueNTH Lifestyle Management to help men with prostate…

Reaching Out to Every Person in Ottawa: How One Volunteer is Changing the Way Multicultural Communities View and Manage Cancer

By Cancer Foundation on September 12 / 2016

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The presentation at a local mosque is over and Yousif Makkawi, a Community Ambassador with The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation’s Outreach Program,…

Valecraft Homes Take Cancer Care to Heart

By Cancer Foundation on August 2 / 2016

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As a long-time supporter of the Cancer Foundation, Valecraft sent a team to see how their generous contributions improve…

Save the Date!

By Marianne Loken on July 28 / 2016

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Once again this September, the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation is holding a special information session on estate planning entitled I Have…

Sacrificing his braid in honour of his warrior brothers

By Catherine Boivin on May 27 / 2016

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“I find it very difficult to see so many people, family and friends go through this battle and not be able to fight with them.” –…

Cancer Coaching brings Lisa a new work-life balance

By Cancer Foundation on May 27 / 2016

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Her initial diagnosis of colon cancer came just before Christmas 2010. It was difficult news but she wanted to be strong for her girls, so…

Breakfast Really Is the Most Important Meal of the Day

By Christian McCuaig on May 20 / 2016

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Left to right, top: Mayor Jim Watson, Dan Greenberg, Bruno Racine, Paul Valletta, Dr. Garth Nicholas. Left to right, bottom: Josée Bradley, Linda Eagen,…

“It’s all I can do to get out of bed every morning.”

By Catherine Boivin on April 28 / 2016

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On February 4th, 2016, Lynda Portelance went bald. It was World Cancer Day, and Lynda was on a mission: to raise awareness of…

Hockey Pool Funds Local Research for Prostate Cancer

By Cancer Foundation on February 25 / 2016

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In June of 2014, at 49 years old, Toni Guimaraes – father, local business owner, and dear friend to many – learned that he had advanced…