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Holiday Gifts That Give Back

By Cancer Foundation on December 5 / 2017

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If you’re looking for do-good gifts that say “I care”, you can champion the cause for cancer all while providing a great gift for your loved…


Meet our Nutrition Coach – Emily Fitzgerald

By Cancer Foundation on March 1 / 2017

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March is Nutrition Month and marks a little over our one-year anniversary offering a range of nutritional services called Grounded. Emily Fitzgerald helped develop…


Lemon Recipes

By Emily Fitzgerald on April 25 / 2016

[ Events, Nutrition ]

June 4th 2016 will be our 3rd Lemonade Standemonium! In light of this, here are some lemon recipes, courtesy of Emily Fitzgerald, MScFN, RD, Nutrition Coach…


Take Control of Cancer in April

By Emily Fitzgerald on April 7 / 2016

[ Nutrition, Recipes ]

April is an exciting month to take control of cancer for several reasons: It is National Cancer Control Month April 7th is World Health Day…

Vegetarian Chili

Does Sugar Feed Cancer?

By Emily Fitzgerald on February 25 / 2016

[ Cancer, Families, Nutrition, Recipes ]

Does sugar feed cancer? This is one of the most common questions in the world of nutrition and oncology. The short answer to this question is no,…

antioxidant rich beet and pomegranate salad

Antioxidants to Your Rescue!

By Emily Fitzgerald on January 27 / 2016

[ Cancer, Cancer Coaching, Families, Nutrition, Recipes ]

You may have heard the term antioxidant and if so, you most likely heard it in the same sentence as cancer prevention. But, how do antioxidants really…


Holiday Eats

By Emily Fitzgerald on December 15 / 2015

[ Families, Nutrition, Recipes ]

The holidays – the most wonderful (and difficult) time of the year! No matter how hard you may try, you will find yourself surrounded by sweets…


Eat your fruits & veggies – and learn why!

By Emily Fitzgerald on November 27 / 2015

[ Cancer, Cancer Coaching, Caregivers, Families, Nutrition ]

I’m sure you can recall a time when you were told to eat your vegetables and fruit. But have you ever asked yourself Why? Why are these foods…


Emily’s Plate

By Emily Fitzgerald on November 27 / 2015

[ Cancer, Cancer Coaching, Caregivers, Families, News, Nutrition ]

My name is Emily Fitzgerald and I have recently had the pleasure of joining the team at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. As this is my…

Maple Nut Orbs

Power Foods for Families On-The-Go

By Patricia Jean-Vézina on September 8 / 2015

[ Families, Nutrition, Recipes ]

It’s that time of year again! With the end of summer comes the end of holidays and getaways – and a return to the hectic everyday schedule…