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What’s for Breakfast? (and snack and lunch)

By Patricia Jean-Vézina on May 21 / 2015

[ Nutrition, Recipes ]

Breakfast. The ever elusive meal. The most important meal of the day. The one that needs the best balance. The one with low/no sugar. The…

Busting a Move for Breast Health

By Linda Eagen on April 10 / 2015

[ Cancer, Events, News, Nutrition, Recipes ]

WOW! What an incredible day! It was my absolute pleasure to get on the floor with our Bust a Move participants on Saturday, March 28 and I…

Maybe Maple?

By Patricia Jean-Vézina on March 3 / 2015

[ Nutrition, Recipes ]

So often you hear “stay away from sugar”! And it’s true – to a certain extent and unavoidable at times. I think blanket statements are…