Celebrating 5 Years of Cancer Coaching Success

By Cancer Foundation on December 7 / 2016

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In November 2011, the Cancer Foundation officially opened the doors to Canada’s first Cancer Survivorship Centre.

Its mission: improve the lives of those affected by cancer and focus on what matters most to patients, families and caregivers. In the last five years, we’ve worked to improve the lives of people affected by cancer now, helping close to 3000 families through Cancer Coaching.

“I’ve seen Cancer Coaching evolve from an idea to a well-established program where we use a client-centered process to help people create change in their lives and improve their quality of life,” says Melina, the first Cancer Coach at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.

Client feedback reveals Cancer Coaching is a promising new practice: 93% report they are better able to keep themselves healthy and 90% report a greater ability to cope with their disease. There’s also a growing body of evidence indicating this type of care leads to system-wide savings.

Our success over these past 5 years in helping local families through their cancer journey is in large part thanks to many generous and loyal donors, corporate sponsors, and Foundation partners.

Barbara Crook and Dan Greenberg were two of the very first donors, through the Danbe Foundation, to make a gift towards Cancer Coaching. They’ve since followed that donation with ever more generous support. We gratefully acknowledge their financial contributions, their referrals of friends to Cancer Coaching, and their support of nutritional programming.

“It’s been a wonderful journey to see how far the Cancer Foundation has come,” says Barbara, “and to have been able to participate in its growth and success to help others in our community help themselves.”

In celebration of 5 great years, here are 5 ways Cancer Coaching has developed since 2011:

1. Programs

We evolved from 1 support program run by 1 Coach to 6 group coaching programs and 4 Coaches, appealing to clients at different points in their cancer experience, and addressing various needs (CLIMB, Work and Cancer Survivorship, Coping with Cancer, Next Steps, Caregiver Group and the After the Bell retreat). We launched a nutritional coaching program called Grounded, which provides easy-to-follow coaching on nutrition. These programs are available to cancer clients and the general public and funds raised support the Foundation to provide complementary Cancer Coaching.

2. Increased Awareness

We’ve implemented outreach efforts and partnerships so more survivors can access Cancer Coaching close to where they live. We’ve increased our use of social media and news networks in hand with ambassadorship to raise awareness of our services.

3. Extended Hours

Thanks to an amazing group of volunteers, we were able to increase our hours of operation and provide evening programs and increased access to reiki and our infrared sauna. This allowed the center to become a hub for community groups and partners to meet and connect.

4. Better Client Experience

We’ve created a Client Advisory Forum to ensure that we continue not only to respond to client needs but to actively engage them in improving the client experience with the Foundation. We also launched a new platform which allows us to automatically share Cancer Coaching notes with our clients following their consultation.

5. Multicultural Support

Thanks in part to a grant from the Trillium Foundation, we’ve come to better understand the perception of cancer across different linguistic and cultural groups. As a result, we’re better able to provide support to people and families from diverse communities. We offer cultural interpretation services and a multifaith and meditation room (planned with the input of faith leaders from across our region). As well, volunteers from ethnocultural communities are helping us connect with diverse communities.

On behalf of everyone who has received support through Cancer Coaching: THANK YOU!

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