Coming This Fall: CLIMB for Older Teens!

By Cancer Foundation on July 6 / 2016

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This fall the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation will be offering a CLIMB program specifically geared towards older teens and young adults.

With the success of CLIMB at the Cancer Foundation many families asked if a similar program was available to help older teens cope with a loved one’s cancer diagnosis. Thanks to your support we are very excited to say the answer is – yes!

CLIMB was developed by the Children’s Treehouse Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to the emotional support of children who have parents or a loved one living with cancer. The CLIMB© program at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation offers group sessions during which conversation and art are used to help children identify and appropriately express complex feelings. The program for teens will follow a similar structure, with relevant adjustments to suit the older age group.

The aim is to build upon the participant’s strengths and enhance his or her ability to cope with the stress associated with a parent’s illness. The program will help teens increase their knowledge about cancer and its treatment, normalize feelings of sadness and anxiety, and improve their ability to express and manage anger. CLIMB also aims to improve communication between the teen and their loved one who is facing cancer.

Thanks to your generous support of the Cancer Foundation, teens will be able to come away from CLIMB learning that cancer is “not their fault” and that they are not alone. They will be better equipped to express feelings surrounding a loved one’s cancer diagnosis and better able to cope with change.

Two CLIMB programs will run at the Cancer Foundation this fall. One will be designed for youth up to age 21, and the other will follow the original program for children.

Please note that the parent(s) or guardian(s) must attend a preliminary orientation session prior to the children beginning the program.

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