Coping with Cancer-Related Fatigue

By Cancer Foundation on February 18 / 2021

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Cancer-related fatigue is one of the most common side-effects of cancer and its treatment. Many patients describe it as a “whole body experience” that is much more than just tiredness, an exhaustion that leaves them feeling drained and that can come on very suddenly.

In the video below, our Cancer Coach Melina Ladouceur speaks to Karine at Young Adult Cancer Canada (YACC), about cancer-related fatigue. YACC is a national network of young adults affected by cancer who aim to support, inspire, and connect with fellow young adults living with, through, and beyond cancer. In this episode of their web series, “We Get It”, Melina offers a number of ideas, solutions, and practices that can help cancer patients cope with cancer-related fatigue.

While this webinar was created specifically with young adults in mind, much the information shared can be applied to any patient of any age!

Short on time? Jump to the following times for specific topics (also included within the video timeline):

15:20: How might cancer-related fatigue impact someone’s life?

20:25: Brain Fog – what is it, and how can patients cope with it?

25:54: How to cope with fatigue.

28:14: The importance of sleep, and how to get more of it.

32:15: The importance of good nutrition.

33:43: Staying hydrated.

34:06: The power of exercise.

43:03: Making decisions about where to use your energy.

46:32: Pacing yourself to avoid hitting “energy lows”.

To learn more about how Young Adult Cancer Canada is helping young adults, visit their website here. To learn more about Cancer Coaching, visit this page.

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