Covid-19 Protocol

Effective February 21, 2023

COVID-19 protocols remain in effect at the Ottawa Community Cancer Hub until further notice. Before visiting the Hub, please note the following:

  • Masking and physical distancing are recommended.
  • Come in only if you are free from COVID-19 or COVID-like symptoms.
  • Following a positive COVID-19 test, you may return if you are at least 24-hours from your last fever and 48 hours from any vomiting or diarrhea. Masks are required for 10 days following your first symptom or positive test, whichever came first.

* If you are free from COVID and have light symptoms (such as a stuffy nose), we encourage you to socially distance and wear a mask for the duration of your symptoms.

Our health and safety measures are evidence-informed and aligned with recommendations made by the province of Ontario and Ottawa Public Health. OPH continues to strongly recommend residents wear a mask in indoor and/or crowded public settings and when you’ve finished an isolation period after an illness.

These measures will be reviewed and reassessed by management on a regular basis.

For further information please contact: