All Dawgz Go To Heaven – YoungTurky & JRDN

All Dawgz Go To Heaven – YoungTurky & JRDN

Hi! My name is Kyle. I lost two very close friends, Darren Bishop and Blair Nelson, to cancer in their late 20’s. I still think of them every day that goes by. Fundraising in dedication of Darren and Blair is very important to me. The last fundraising campaign I dedicated to Darren and Blair was through participation in Fight for the Cure in 2019, where I wore their initials on the chest of my robe as I entered the ring – I know they would have been proud and the support from friends, family and colleagues was enormous.

I am always looking for new and creative ways to fundraise in their memories and this time I have decided to release music! I collaborated with Canadian Gold Certified artist JRDN to dedicate a song in their memory. Every time you listen, download or stream this song you will be raising money for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation – 100% of the proceeds from the music will be donated!

In addition to proceeds from the music, please feel free to make a donation to help raise as much as possible for the Foundation.

Before I release the song, I am looking to raise a minimum amount to get the fundraising rolling. Once I hit the goal below I will release the song for all to enjoy! Don’t forget to keep listening as the more you listen the more we raise!

Find out more/donate here

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