Honour a Loved One

There are many ways to honour someone you love through contributing to a tribute fund or hosting or participating in an event with the Cancer Foundation.

Participating on Someone’s Behalf:

You can join any one of our events, whether it’s the Epic Walk, or any other event of your choosing in memory of somebody you love. You can even put together an entire team under your loved one’s name to show your support. Visit our Upcoming Events page to register for the event you want to participate in.

Hosting an event:

There are many events in our community that were created in honour of somebody, like the Gordie’s Day golf tournament in memory of Gordon Shields. Since Gordie loved to golf, his friends and family have organized the annual event year after year to raise funds for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation.

Cancer Coaching Location

Because Cancer Coaching is now offered at a number of locations across the Ottawa region, we ask that you tell us your preferred Cancer Coaching location before completing your registration. This will help us match you with a Coach.
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