Facebook Fundraisers


Did you know you now have the ability to raise funds for charity directly through Facebook?

That’s right – Facebook launched “Facebook Fundraisers” last year, and since then, thousands of people have started raising money for the causes they care about through their social media accounts. Raising money on Facebook is very easy to do, and it automatically connects you to family members and friends who may want to support your efforts. Whether you’re hosting a fundraiser in honour of a loved one, for your birthday, to recognize a milestone like a wedding or graduation, or simply because you want to help make a difference, Facebook has become a great tool for helping you change lives!

Here’s how you can get started with a Facebook Fundraiser:

On the left side of your news feed on Facebook, under the “Explore” heading, click on “Fundraisers.”

FB Fundraisers


At the top of the next page, you have the option to choose a not-for-profit to raise funds for using the “Select Charity” button.

Facebook Fundraisers 2

Type in “Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation” and follow the remaining prompts to set up your fundraiser – you can customize your fundraising goal, display pictures, the length of your campaign, and text.

Facebook Fundraisers 3

Facebook Fundraisers 4

If you do decide to host a Facebook Fundraiser, remember to send the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation a quick message on Facebook so we have the chance to say thank you! You can find us at @OttawaCancer.

What Should I Say About My Fundraiser?

Each Facebook Fundraiser includes suggestions for what you can say about your campaign, and includes specific details about the charity you choose. However, you can also customize this language to include the specific reasons why YOU are hosting a fundraiser! The more personal details you include, the more inspired your friends and family members will be to support your fundraising efforts.

Here are a few examples to help you get started:

There’s a lot of struggle in the world right now, but there’s also a lot of hope. I’m helping to raise funds for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation so that families in our community can get the help they need through patient support, local clinical trials, and cancer research. This particular cause means a lot to me, as cancer has touched the lives of so many people I love and I have seen first-hand how difficult it can be. Please make a donation to my campaign – every dollar counts – so that we can make sure those facing cancer in our community have access to the very best care close to home!

Almost every hour in our community, someone is diagnosed with cancer. If you’re like me and you believe this number is far too high, please make a donation to my fundraising campaign in support of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. 100% of the funds raised by the Cancer Foundation stay local, to help families right here in Ottawa have access to the very best cancer care. Your donation will help our friends, family members and neighbours receive support and will help fund local research projects and cancer clinical trials that will save lives.

Note: If you’d prefer to fundraise outside of your social media accounts, you can set up a personal fundraiser here: https://www.ottawacancer.ca/events-section/host-your-own-event/celebrate/