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What is a Cancer System Navigator?

The health care system can be overwhelming. Giving you accurate, up-to-date information on local cancer supports is one of our top priorities. Right from the moment of diagnosis, wherever your cancer journey takes you, we can help. Cancer System Navigators are available to listen and understand your needs. They will do the research and legwork for you. They will help you find the answer to your questions or help you find the right resources to meet your current needs.

What can a Cancer System Navigator help with?

A Cancer System Navigator will listen to your concerns, support you in assessing the options and provide you with a suite of supports which are customized to your individualized needs.

This may include information on:

  • Resources specific to your cancer diagnosis
  • Suggestions for speaking with health care professionals
  • Information on how to access clinical trials
  • Resources for children and teens
  • Where to get specific medical equipment
  • Transportation options
  • Lodging options
  • Wigs and prosthesis
  • Financial assistance options
  • Counselling and coaching options
  • Dieticians
  • Home management help
  • Support groups
  • Palliative and advanced care planning
  • End of life and hospice
  • Grief and bereavement support

Who might use a Cancer System Navigator?

Navigation can benefit anyone impacted by cancer. This includes those with cancer, their caregivers, family members, employers, health and social care professionals, and community members. We provide support and access to local in-person and virtual resources, which are needed all along the cancer continuum from diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, palliative care, end of life care and bereavement.

How will a Cancer System Navigator connect with me?

Once you make that initial request for support, navigators can connect with you via email, telephone, virtually or in person. A navigator will be in touch with you at the earliest opportunity. We thank you for your patience during this period of high demand for support. You can also call to set up an appointment at 613-247-3527 and press 1.

What languages are navigation available in?

Navigation is available in English, French, and translation services can be arranged through Ottawa Language Interpretation Services for access to over 150 different languages.


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