In Loving Memory of Shirley Luk

In 2000, Shirley lost the love of her life, William to liver cancer. Although she went on to live a happy and healthy life, she too suffered at the hands of cancer. Diagnosed with b-cell lymphoma in June of 2023, Shirley passed away only six weeks later as a result of the aggressive cancer and other health complications. While it happened quickly, she still managed to do it her way, peacefully, with positivity, strength, and grace. She is lovingly remembered and missed by her three children Brian, Bella and Vivian, as well as her numerous family and friends.

Shirley believed that volunteering our time and donating items/money to support causes we are passionate about enriches our lives, familiarizes us with our community, and connects us to people and ideas that can have a positive impact on us forever. She was always willing to help those who were struggling, whether it be preparing them a nice home cooked meal, donating household items, or simply providing them with some comforting words. She was kind and selfless and always put others ahead of herself.

The Shirley Luk Memorial Fund reflects Shirley’s character and honours her care and compassion for others. Funds donated will support cancer research and clinical trials.