The Dr. Robert Walker Memorial Fund

Dr. Robert Walker served his country for 50 years in the military and the RCMP. But, what he was most fond of was his “girls”, his wife of 52 years Colleen, his only child Kimothy Walker, and his Granddaughter, Kyra Lambert.

Bob, as he was known, was a highly respected Ph.D psychologist and a graduate of Queens University. He wrapped up his career at the Canadian Forces Leadership Institute at Royal Military College in Kingston, where he started his career as a cadet.

All who knew Bob would agree he was a kind, compassionate and honourable man who will be missed by many who sought his guidance. From very humble beginnings in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan with his siblings Patricia and Gordon, Bob help change the course of his own family’s history through education, which was incredibly important to him.

Most of all, his passing from cancer, impacted his “girls” who had just seven weeks with him after his diagnosis. He will be deeply missed for his wisdom, gentle approach and his position as a guiding ethical light for all who sought his counsel.

Bob believed in doing the right thing, always, without exception. He would be happy to know the fight against cancer has been helped, in some small way, by his life.