Healthy Recipes for Halloween 2020!

By Cancer Foundation on October 30 / 2020


Your Halloween plans might be different this year, but there’s still lots of fun to be had! To help you stay safe and feel festive, we went into our archives to dig up a few recipes that have always been a big hit with the kids…and the kids-at-heart!

These recipes are spooky, adorable, healthy, and Dietitian-approved, as they were developed in 2016 and 2017 by our former Nutrition Coach, Emily Fitzgerald (MScFN, RD).


Serves: 8

2 medium bananas
1 cup Greek vanilla yogurt
8 dried cranberries
16 mini dark chocolate chips
8 Popsicle sticks

1. Slice both bananas lengthwise and then in half to get 8 separate pieces. Insert Popsicle sticks into the flat end of the banana pieces.
2. Place bananas onto parchment paper and freeze for an hour.
3. Dip the frozen bananas into yogurt and add 2 mini chocolate chips for eyes and one dried cranberry for the mouth. Freeze for an hour before serving.

Spooky Skeleton Pretzels

Serves: 10

10 pretzels
1 cup Greek yogurt
2 tsp milk (whatever kind you like: dairy, almond, coconut)
20 dark chocolate chips

1. Place about ½ cup of yogurt aside to make the eyes. Start by dropping small dots of Greek yogurt onto parchment paper and top with a mini chocolate chip. Place into freezer for at least 30 minutes.
2. Mix the other half of the yogurt (1/2 cup) with 2 tsp of milk in a bowl. Whisk until the consistency is still creamy but thinner than normal Greek yogurt.
3. Dip the pretzels in the yogurt and milk mixture with a fork on both sides and place on parchment paper. Place into freezer for 30 minutes. Try to keep the mouth open – if it gets filled, try to remove the mixture or just wait until it hardens and dab at it with a knife.
4. Remove the pretzels from the freezer and dip them a second time if needed (you may need to make more mixture). Place them back in the freezer for 30 minutes.
5. When you are satisfied with your pretzel coats, remove the eyeballs from the freezer and place them on top.
6. Serve right away or store in freezer (they will melt!)

Happy Halloween!

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