Holiday Gifts That Give Back

By Cancer Foundation on December 5 / 2017

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If you’re looking for do-good gifts that say “I care”, you can champion the cause for cancer all while providing a great gift for your loved ones this holiday season. By choosing to purchase a gift below, you’re supporting local cancer through the Cancer Foundation so that families have the chance to create lasting memories this holiday season.

A holiday E-card

Cheerful young woman wearing Santa's hat and typing message on smart phone at Christmas Time.

A great way to celebrate someone during the holidays is by sending them your favourite e-card, and making a gift in their name! It’s a beautiful way to help others in our community during a difficult time while reminding your loved ones near and far how much they mean to you.


Living the grounded life!


With the New Year around the corner, offering someone food smarts will help equip your friends and family with the tools and resources they need to keep those resolutions going. Navigating the do’s and don’ts of nutrition and learning to eat from the ground up is easy through a vast array of Grounded nutritional programs at the Cancer Foundation. The programs are hands-on, so people actively get involved in the preparation of recipes with registered dietitian Emily Fitzgerald. You can give the grounded gift at


Power Foods to Fuel a Family


A book that will stay off the bookshelf and active in the kitchen! Power Foods 101 is a complete Nutrition Tool Kit to help improve overall health and wellness, bringing the latest nutritional and natural health information. Giving the knowledge to have more energy, better sleep, and weight loss with 101 simple recipes fueled by power foods is both special and useful. Purchase one or more copies of Power Foods 101 by Naturopath Dr. Joel to empower others this holiday season.


Steeped Tea


We’ve partnered with Christine the Tea Lady of Steeped Tea for hand-warming gifts that also warm the heart – a portion of every purchase supports families facing cancer in our region. Shop now!




With your contributions, the hearts of those facing cancer will glitter with hope this holiday season. Thank you!

Have a wonderful holiday season!

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