What is the Role of my Cancer Coach?

Every registered client is matched with a Cancer Coach; this includes the person who has been diagnosed and the family member, loved one, or friend.

The role of the Cancer Coach is to help you identify and work through your current difficulties, explore decisions that are right for you and support you in making choices that work for you, your cancer and your life.

The Coach can give ideas and suggestions and help you choose what to work toward but the decisions belong to you.

You work together with your Cancer Coach to help manage your cancer experience and find ways to cope with the day to day challenges of living with cancer and beyond.

Your Cancer Coach is here to:

Listen to your stories and experiences.

Focus on your priorities and health and wellness goals to help you develop a plan that’s right for you.

Provide information, education and practical skill development to help you get actively involved in managing your own cancer.

Connect you to resources and services you need.

Enhance cancer self-management knowledge, skills and capabilities.

Support you in making the choices that work for you, your cancer, and your life.

Understand the challenges of living with cancer and the impact of those challenges on your quality of life.

Focus on short and long term impacts of cancer.

Provide support in a judgment-free environment.

Help you make decisions and solve problems.

Help you feel more confident and motivated.

Cancer Coaching Services



Includes 5 hours of complimentary Cancer Coaching over a one year period.



Complimentary programs designed for registered clients that have similar needs and goals.



Reiki and sauna services provided to help balance your mind, body and spirit.

Cancer Coaching Location

Because Cancer Coaching is now offered at a number of locations across the Ottawa region, we ask that you tell us your preferred Cancer Coaching location before completing your registration. This will help us match you with a Coach.
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