Group Cancer Coaching

Group Cancer Coaching sessions are led by one of our Cancer Coaches. It is a chance to meet others who have similar needs and goals. These groups are designed to help you through different stages of your cancer.

The programs change throughout the year. A list of the programs available to you can be found below. Please note that these programs are demand-based and will run dependent on the registration of our clients.


Group coaching programs

Rebalancing Life and Work After Cancer

Rethinking your work life after a cancer diagnosis?

During this workshop, you will:

  • Explore decision making about work and cancer
  • Find ways to engage more effectively with your health care team
  • Get information on legal issues and topics such as work and disability
  • Discover strategies to cope with post-treatment symptoms
  • Connect with others about work-life balance

When? Monday Mornings from 10am – 12pm, March 8th – March 29th, 2021. 

Where? Virtual (Computer and internet access required). 

Cost: $50.

This workshop will be facilitated by two of our Cancer Coaches.

Cost: $50

Brain Fog

The Brain Fog program is a psycho-educational and interactive, multidimensional group program. Clients learn a variety of techniques and strategies to manage cognitive changes experienced as a result of changes caused by cancer diagnosis and/or treatment. The seminars are broken down into three main sections:

  • Memory
  • Task management
  • Psychosocial

When? Tuesdays from 10am – 11:30am, January 5th – February 23rd. 

Where? Virtual (Computer and internet access required). 

Cost: $55.

This workshop will be facilitated by our Cancer Coaches.

Cost: $55


The parent(s) or guardian(s) must attend a preliminary orientation session prior to the beginning of the program.

This program was developed by the Children’s Treehouse Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to the emotional support of children who have parents or a loved one living with cancer. The CLIMB® program at the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation offers group sessions during which conversation and art are used to help children ages 6-11 identify and appropriately express complex feelings. The aim is to build upon the child’s strengths and enhance his/her ability to cope with stress associated with the parent’s illness.  Some of the benefits of this program include:

  • An increase in the children’s knowledge about cancer and its treatment
  • Normalization of feelings of sadness
  • Children are better able to identify strengths and normalize anxiety
  • Children are better equipped to express and manage anger appropriately
  • Communications about feelings are improved
  • Communications with the parents or loved one who have cancer are improved

Overall, children learn that cancer is “not their fault”, that they are not alone and they are better equipped to express feelings and cope with change.

The next offering: Wednesday evenings from 6-7pm, January 20th until February 24th.

Location: Virtual (Computer and internet access required) 

*This program is currently offered at no cost to participants thanks to the generosity of supporters of the Lemonade Standemonium.

No Cost


Please note: There are currently no Yoga Thrive programs scheduled for 2021.

  • Yoga Thrive is a research-based, therapeutic yoga program for all cancer patients, survivors, and their support persons.
  • This yoga program has been modified for cancer survivors, especially those who are experiencing stiffness, pain, stress, or fatigue.
  • Class sizes small (15 Maximum) to ensure individual attention and safety.
  • No previous yoga experience is necessary. The program is gentle and progressive. Each class builds on the previous classes.
  • Led by a certified yoga instructor trained in the Yoga Thrive program.

For more information on the Yoga Thrive program, please visit:

Yoga Thrive operates on a cost recovery basis, all proceeds go back into the program.

Cost: $90.00

Cancer Coaching Location

Because Cancer Coaching is now offered at a number of locations across the Ottawa region, we ask that you tell us your preferred Cancer Coaching location before completing your registration. This will help us match you with a Coach.
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