Power Foods 101

With each purchase of the Power Foods 101 book, you are supporting the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation and helping provide complimentary Cancer Coaching to a family who is facing cancer.

DrJ_PowerFoods101“I am thrilled to announce that my health & nutrition cookbook is finally available! This is a project from the heart in support of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation which is dedicated to supporting cancer care and research to prevent, detect, diagnose and cure cancer.  Thank you to all, as new strides in health and this book wouldn’t be possible without you!”
– Naturopathic Dr. Joel

The health advice presented in this book is intended only as an information resource guide to help you make informed decisions; it is not meant to replace the advice of trained medical professionals or to serve as a guide to self-treatment. The content of this book is based upon the opinion of the author, and its content is intended to be used as an adjunct to responsible health care supervised by a health care professional.

Discover “Power Foods” That Can:
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Increase your Energy
  • Help you stay Lean
  • Improve health inside out giving you your Glow!
  • Get rid of “Belly Bloat”
  • Reverse Cardiovascular Disease
  • Reduce Cancer, Alzheimer’s & Diabetes
  • Improve your Mood & Reduce Stress
Power Foods 101 Includes:
  • “The Power Foods” and “Powerless Foods” to Live Well
  • 3-Day Power Shift Plan
  • The Latest Nutritional Research
  • At home test to determine if your menu is right for you
  • “Secrets to the Fountain of Youth”
  • Pre- and Post- Workout Nutrition …. And more!!!
  • Featuring what Carol Alt, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Ben Lerner, Tony Greco, Kathy Smart, and other high energy people eat to fuel their days!!
  • 101+ Plant Powered & Gluten Free Recipes that you can make in 30 minutes or less

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