Could Reiki be Right for You?

By Cancer Foundation on August 2 / 2016

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Anxiety. Worry. Fear. All of these feelings come knocking when you’re dealt a cancer diagnosis.
And once the life-saving treatments and surgeries to repair the physical body are mobilized, you’re often on your own to struggle with the serious mental and emotional challenges inherent with the diagnosis.

There are many wonderful alternative therapies that can help with regaining equilibrium and wellbeing after a cancer diagnosis and the Maplesoft Centre, with a mission of helping people living with cancer by providing increased access to person-centered care through Cancer Coaching Health and Social Care Service, is pleased to offer Reiki as a complementary healing therapy available to all members.

Reiki offers a gentle, non-invasive way to release the build-up of tension in the body that can accumulate as you navigate your way through the stressful time of a cancer diagnosis – from the shock of first hearing the word cancer applied to you, to coping with symptoms of treatment, to preparing for or healing after surgery or managing the stress of going back to work once treatment is over. All of these circumstances can be overwhelming and can take an emotional toll, which may feel insurmountable.

An ancient Japanese technique, Reiki is based on the belief that we all have an energy field circulating around our bodies, known as the ‘ki’ and a universal energy surrounding all of us, called the ‘rei’ – together, they become Reiki. As we face challenges of any sort in our lives, our energy, ‘ki’, can become depleted or disrupted leaving us feeling unbalanced, sluggish or simply not able to find peace and serenity. With Reiki, it is the subtle interplay between the Rei and the Ki that the energy begins to flow and the body is able to release and let go.

Everybody experiences Reiki differently. For some it is a deeply relaxing time of inner focus where the world and its’ obligations are loosened, providing a much needed time of peace and relief. For others it can be energizing with the flow of energy stimulating an awakening in a body that feels heavy and sluggish with the side effects of chemo. And while we all have our own individual experiences with Reiki, you can trust that the experience you have is exactly what you need at that time. That is the beauty of Reiki.

“I leave our regular sessions at the Maplesoft Centre feeling calm, relaxed and centred. I believe this mental clarity greatly aids my emotional health, my ability to reduce stress, my ability to remain positive and hopeful throughout my cancer journey.” – Maplesoft member

A Reiki session at Maplesoft is 1 hour in length in the quiet comfortable space of the Multi-Faith Room. It is best to wear loose clothing that will allow you to lie down comfortably. All you need to remove are your shoes. Your Reiki practitioner will take a little time to get to know you, not only about your cancer, but also who you are as a person. If you have any questions about the treatment this is a good time to ask. Once you’re ready you will lie on your back on the massage table and the Reiki session will begin. There is nothing you need to do, except have an open mind, which, if you’ve walked through the door, you already have! Each practitioner will have their own style of Reiki, but generally the Reiki unfolds with practitioner’s hands either hovering slightly above you or a light gentle touch. You may feel heat from the practitioner’s hands, this is normal – it is the energy flowing! Feel free to let your mind wander, or meditate if you like. Once the session is over you will have time to discuss your treatment with the practitioner, this can be an interesting time as often very interesting ideas/thoughts/imagery can surface during a session for both the practitioner and the client!

We currently have 3 Reiki Masters providing Reiki sessions at Maplesoft and are excited to announce that due to such popularity we will be adding more this fall. If you’re ready to let go and find some peace and relief we welcome you to book a session!

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